December 2021 Canadian Homicide List

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The December 2020 Homicide list is available here

Canada December Murder Count: 66
Males: 50
Females: 12
Unknown: 3

Age of Youngest Victim: 2
Age of Oldest Victim: 80

Murder by Province or Territory
ON 20
QC 9
AB 8
SK 7
BC 6
MB 5
NS 4
NB 3
NL 2
NT 0
NU 0
PE 0
YT 0

Murder by City:
Toronto 7
Montreal 6
Edmonton 5
Halifax 4
Winnipeg 4
Regina 3
Ajax 2
Hamilton 2
North Battleford 2
Quebec City 2
Vancouver 3
70 Mile House 1
Black Lake 1
Burnaby 1
Calgary 1
Coaticook 1
Conception Bay 1
Enniskillen Township 1
Esk’etemc First Nation 1
Fredericton 1
Lac la Biche 1
London 1
Midland 1
Muskoday First Nation 1
North Bay 1
Oakville 1
Ottawa 1
Petit-Cap 1
Red Deer 1
Richmond Hill 1
Saint John 1
Saint John’s 1
Sarnia 1
Smith Falls 1
St Johns 1
Windsor 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Ahmad, Sobiah, 25, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Anctil, Mario, Other, Quebec City, QC
Asser, Mohamed, 23, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Beals, Vincent Lamont, 47, Unknown, Halifax, NS
Bear, Daphne, 20, Other, North Battleford, SK
Bear, Sidney, Unknown, Muskoday First Nation, SK
Beatty, HArvey, 22, Unknown, Regina, SK
Blind, Morgan, 24, Other, Regina, SK
Boucher-Savard, Charles Oliver, 33, Shooting, Montreal, QC
Broen, Robert, 62, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Cain, Lee-Marion, 8, Shooting, Halifax, NS
Cook, Arley, 27, Unknown, Black Lake, SK
Cunningham, Caiwan, 20, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Daniels, Justis, 77, Unknown, Vancouver, BC
Deschênes, Stéphane, Other, Quebec City, QC
Doe, JOhn, 50, Shooting, Montreal, QC
Doe, JOhn, Unknown, Oakville, MB
Doe, Jane, 19, Unknown, Esk’etemc First Nation, BC
Doe, Jane, 42, Unknown, Saint John’s, NL
Doe, Jane, 42, Unknown, St Johns, NF
Doe, Jane, 46, Other, Conception Bay, NL
Doe, Jane, Unknown, Smith Falls, ON
Doe, John, 18, Shooting, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, 2, Other, Saint John, NB
Doe, John, 20, Shooting, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, 23, Shooting, Windsor, ON
Doe, John, 23, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Doe, John, 24, Other, Hamilton, ON
Doe, John, 29, Shooting, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, 52, Unknown, 70 Mile House, BC
Doe, John, 66, Unknown, Red Deer, AB
Doe, John, Stabbing, Burnaby, BC
Doe, John, Stabbing, Halifax, NS
Doe, John, Unknown, Enniskillen Township, ON
Doe, John, Unknown, Halifax, NS
Doe, John, Unknown, Regina, SK
Doe, John, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Forrester, Christopher, 36, Unknown, Midland, ON
Grey, Flora, 41, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Hagley, Jamie, 21, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Hall, Jamar, 29, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Houle, George, 52, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Johnson, Sheldon, 31, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Kugathasan, Mahishan, 19, Stabbing, Ajax, ON
Larocque, Justin Cole, 28, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Markey, Corey, 41, Shooting, Fredericton, NB
Muirhead, Norma-Jean, 35, Unknown, Calgary, AB
Ndayishimiye, John, 16, Shooting, Ottawa, ON
Nicholls, Nicholas, 27, Stabbing, North Bay, ON
Noble, Michael, 51, Unknown, Toronto, ON
Owusu, Franklin, 27, Shooting, Ajax, ON
Perron-Ruel, Jeannine, 80, Unknown, Coaticook, QC
Plamondon, Rita Ash, Other, Montreal, QC
Regimbal, Fernand, 52, Stabbing, Vancouver, BC
Richardson, Lance, 31, Unknown, Sarnia, ON
Saraj, Walid, 35, Shooting, Richmond Hill, ON
Sheydon, Storer, 24, Shooting, Hamilton, ON
Shirt, Landy, 31, Unknown, Lac la Biche, AB
Sinclair, Anthony James, 35, Shooting, Winnipeg, MB
Singh Manget, Inderpreet, 28, Unknown, Toronto, ON
Smith LeCaine, Alyssa, 25, Other, North Battleford, SK
Trenholm, Nicholas, 55, Unknown, Petit-Cap, NB
Wallis, Kenneth Wayne, 56, Stabbing, London, ON
Yitayew, Elsabet, 37, Stabbing, Toronto, ON