51 year old Sylvain Duquette charged with triple homicide in Shawinigan

Sylvain Duquette 51,  is facing 3 counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in connection to the slaying of three women and attempted murder of his father. The attacks started in the evening on Wednesday April 5th.

Police say Duquette entered the home of his sister in-law, Denise Hallé 61, on Lac-Marchand St. in Saint-Gerard-des-Laurentides. Duquette shot and killed Hallé along with her cousin Jocelyne Lauzon Toupin, 56 who had been visiting from Ontario with her three year old grandson, who was unharmed.

Police said the Duquette then went to the home of his parents on Ernest-Blais St. There he strangled and beat his step mother, Jocelyne Pellerin, 70,  to death. Claude Duquette, 80, the father of the accused was attacked but managed to escape and flee to a neighbor for help.

Duquette was arrested at a gas station just after midnight on April 6th. The charges Duquette is facing include three charges of first degree murder, one attempted murder, and a charge of unlawful imprisonment and arson.