Update: 9 months pregnant Arianna Goberdhan murdered by her husband

Durham Police were called to a home on Winville Road in Pickering at around 9:45 pm on April 7th, on report of a domestic disturbance.

Police arrived to find 27 year old Arianna Goberdhan dead with what they described as obvious signs of violence. Goberdhan was 9 months pregnant, the baby did not survive.

Nicholas Tyler Baig, 25, the husband of the victim was taken into custody on April 8th. Baig was found at a home in Markham after a warrant was issued for his arrest and a day long man-hunt.

Baig is facing a second degree murder charge in the death of his wife.

Update April 13th

Const. George Tudos of Durham Region Police said Baig is now facing a first degree murder charge in the death of his wife, Arianna Goberdhan. Tudos also said there has been discussions with investigators regarding charges in connection with the death of Goberdhan’s unborn child, however no additional charges have been laid at this time.