Solaimane Elbettah charged with the murder of his co-worker Josh Burns at a Sundre Alberta McDonalds

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 Sundre RCMP responded to a homicide at a McDonalds on July 4th just after midnight.

On arrival, police located Josh Burns, 19, deceased. His cause of death has not been released.

Josh Burns
Photo: Facebook

Solaimane Elbettah, 27, was arrested close to the scene and charged with first-degree murder.

Update February 27th, 2023
According to the National Post

Elbettah sent a text to one of his supervisors, Richelle Waldner, shortly after he attacked Burns with a machete. In the first text he said “Hi, Richelle, there was a murder at the restaurant. Don’t walk in by yourself,” “Sorry about everything. He was insulting me and he was thinking he was better than me because he was white.”

Before the killing, Elbettah and Burns smoked together outside the restaurant.

Elbettah then shut down the drive-thru, and video captured Elbettah walking across the street to where he was staying at a Sundre motel where he retrieved a machete inside a black bag. “The accused is depicted in the manager’s office with the machete,” Pingitore said.

Court exhibit

He then attacked Burns leaving a large, deep wound to the neck.

Elbettah later called 911 himself from a nearby field. If he is found NCR Elbettah will be sent to a secure psychiatric facility instead of prison.