Hamilton Homicide #6 – 44-year-old Darren Buskey the victim of a fatal shooting on East 14th street

Hamilton police responded to the report of a man suffering from gunshot wounds in the area of 334 East 14th Street on the Hamilton Mountain on May 30th at approximately 11:00am.

Police located a 44-year-old Darren Buskey bleeding on the ground of a parking lot of the apartment complex. The victim was rushed to hospital by paramedics, where he died of his injuries at approximately 11:30pm.

Update June 1st.

Hamilton police have arrested David Pryce of Mississauga, and charged him with first degree murder. Police said “Pryce and Buskey were known to each other though their involvement in the drug subculture.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Ross Johnson by calling 905-546-3827.

The 2020 Hamilton Homicide Victim List is available here.