Uodate arrest made in August homicide – James Laverdure killed in a Perth Ontario camp ground

Lanark County OPP were called to Last Duel Park campground early Sunday August 7th on report of a death. OPP are investing the death as a homicide as it seemed suspicious. Police have not elaborated on the cause of death, or the name of the victim, only stating that he was 45 years old.

Pother campers were said to have awoke to screams from a woman followed by police and ambulances.

An autopsy is scheduled for August 8th.


August 8th  Police have identified the 45 year old man as James Laverdure


Update December 18th

Police arrested and charged 22 year old Andrew Kravchenko with second degree murder in the death of James Laverdure. Police said the homicide was the first in over a decade for the small town.