Noureddine Mimouni charged with the murder of Nathalie Piché, in Quebec City

The 2021 Quebec Homicide Victim List is available here

 Quebec City Police Department responded to an apartment on the report of a “marital dispute” where they located the lifeless body of Nathalie Piché, 55, on June 15th at approximately 2:00am.

Nobody was at the apartment when police arrived. The victim’s spouse Noureddine Mimouni, 33,  turned himself in, and was arrested on June 16th and charged with second degree murder.

According to court documents, Noureddine was arrested on December 30th 2020 following accusations of death threats, forcible confinement and assault toward Piché. He was acquitted of all charges on February but ordered to sign a year long peace bond, where he agreed not to contact Piché.

The homicide of Nathalie Piché, is the first Quebec City murder of 2021.