Missing Alberta councillor Alfred “Alf” Belyea found dead, wife convicted of second-degree murder

The 2021 Alberta Homicide Victim List is available here.

Alfred Belyea of Suffield, 72, had been reported missing on Oct. 12 and was last seen on Oct. 8.

RCMP announced on October 16th that the body of Belyea was located and the manner of death a homicide. Police did not offer any other information surrounding where he was found of the cause of death.

RCMP arrested 68-year-old Deborah Belyea, in connection to the crime and charged her with second-degree murder and indignity to a human body.

According to reports Debora left her daughter who was staying over a note saying
“I love you all so much. You’ve all turned out to be lovely, loving girls. We are so proud.
I love Alf with all my being and I always have. I just want to be close to our girls and grandkids. I love and cherish you and never hurt you. Please do not hate me. I needed to be loved and wanted, your dad to hold me, but he never did anymore. I have days where I sit here by myself … and wish I was with everyone or dead. And now I wish I had just died. I don’t remember what happened but I will eventually, I am sure. Just remember I love you.
I did not mean for this to happen. I don’t ever — even know for sure I did anything, but I want your dad home. I love him. Please help my — I am so sorry. I was such a burden to your dad. No wonder he didn’t like me. I know he loves me just as much as I love him. I’m forgetting and doing stupid things and making his life hell. He wouldn’t let me breath. So sorry. Love everyone.

Deborah had included a hand-drawn map, showing her home and a location in Piapot, Sask. That’s when her daughter contacted police. Her lawyer later argued the letter and map were a continuation of a dream Deborah had told her daughter she’d had.

It was announced on January 31st that Deborah Belyea was convicted of second-degree murder and indignity to a body for fatally stabbing her husband, removing his arms and dumping his body 150 kilometers east of her home. Deborah Belyea, is said to have been a housebound woman with a host of health issues who uses an oxygen tank. According to global news One of Deborah’s friends told police she struggled to carry her own knitting bag, which weighed as much as a litre of milk.

Police said officers arrived at an abandoned farmyard where they found a grey garbage bin that appeared to have a human body tightly wrapped in a blue blanket and black plastic garbage bags. The arms were missing and have never been recovered. Investigators revealed Alf’s DNA was a match to a blood stain in the trunk of Deborah’s car. A toxicology report showed Alf had a concoction of sedatives in his system at the time of his death, including morphine, codeine, zopiclone and bupivacaine.
Her sentencing hearing will take place in February.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Redcliff RCMP at 403-548-2288