Missing 17-year-old girl Maaike Blom located deceased in Tsawwasswn First Nation

The 2021 BC Homicide Victim List is available here

Delta BC police said Maaike Blom,17, was reported missing to Delta Police on the evening of December 5, and last seen by family members December 3, 2021. 

Police located Blom deceased in a residence on Tsawwassen First Nations lands on the morning of December 7, 2021. Her cause of death has not been released.

An adult male has been arrested however police said the investigation is ongoing. “Her death, while considered suspicious, is believed to be an isolated occurrence,” says DPC public affairs manager Cris Leykauf. “We recognize that the public may have many questions, but we ask that investigators be given the opportunity to proceed with their work. The public is not believed to be at risk regarding the circumstances of her death.”

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