May 2023 Canadian Homicide Statistics

The May 2022 Homicide list is available here

Canada May Murder Count: 46

Males: 28

Females: 15

Age of Youngest Victim: 11

Age of Oldest Victim: 74

Murder by Province or Territory
ON 18
AB 7
SK 7
MB 5
BC 5
QC 3
NS 1
NB 0
NL 0
NT 0
NU 0
PE 0
YT 0

Murder by City:
Toronto 7
Winnipeg 3
Calgary 2
Edmonton 2
Hamilton 2
Montreal 2
Pembrook 2
Saskatoon 2
Vancouver 2
Big Island Lake Cree Territory 1
Bourget 1
Brampton 1
Labelle 1
Laval 1
Little Grand Rapids 1
Maple Ridge 1
Montreal Lake Cree Nation 1
Oakville 1
Ottawa 1
O’Chiese First Nation 1
Paul Band First Nation 1
Prince Albert 1
Regina 1
Renfrew 1
Saddle Creek 1
Stanley Mission 1
Surrey 1
Swan River 1
Vaughan 1
Windsor 1
Kamloops 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Anderson, Alan Henry, 22, Stabbing, Winnipeg, MB
Annis, Noah Nathaniel, 16, Shooting, Pembrook, ON
Bearhead, Saundra, Stabbing, Paul Band First Nation, AB
Bryant, William, 74, Unknown, Ottawa, ON
Bulle, Sahra, Unknown, Windsor,ON
Bulloch, Jonathan James, 43, Stabbing, Vancouver, BC
Davidson, Alando Omario, 16, Shooting, Pembrook, ON
Doe, JOhn, Unknown, Big Island Lake Cree Territory, SK
Doe, Jane, 29, Unknown, Swan River, MB
Doe, Jane, 62, Unknown, Labelle, NS
Doe, Jane, 63, Unknown, Little Grand Rapids, MB
Doe, John, 28, Shooting, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, 35, Unknown, Prince Albert, SK
Doe, John, 51, Stabbing, Laval, QC
Doe, John, Shooting, Surrey, BC
Doe, John, Unknown, Oakville, ON
Doe, John, Unknown, Saddle Creek, AB
Dustyhorn, David, Unknown, Saskatoon, SK
Iacono, Claudia, 39, Shooting, Montreal, QC
Kaur, Davinder, 43, Stabbing, Brampton, ON
Kipling, Vincent Brian, 31, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Logan, Jonathan, 41, Shooting, Renfrew, ON
Lukoshka, Viyaleta, 23, Shooting, Toronto, ON
MacDonald, Carissa, 27, Shooting, Hamilton, ON
Matthew, Marvin Leon, 37, Stabbing, Toronto, ON
McColm, Graeme, 41, Shooting, Calgary, AB
Miller, Jayden, 11, Stabbing, Edmonton, AB
Moose, Donovan, 35, Stabbing, Calgary, AB
Mueller, Eric, 42, Shooting, Bourget, ON
Pitter, Jaysen, 23, Shooting, Vaughan, ON
Roan, Brett, 31, Unknown, O’Chiese First Nation, AB
Robert, Marcus, 39, Stabbing, Toronto, ON
Robillard, Carolann, 35, Stabbing, Edmonton, AB
Samra, Amarpreet, 28, Shooting, Vancouver, BC
Sasaki, Richard, 40, Unknown, Toronto, ON
Spinella, Robert, 43, Unknown, Maple Ridge, BC
Standingwater, Standingwater, 30, Stabbing, Saskatoon, SK
Stewart, Keith, Unknown, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, SK
Stone, Aaron, 28, Shooting, Hamilton, ON
Tannwe, T.J, 40, Unknown, Regina, SK
Tolentino Eid, Adele, 24, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Vilar Arroyo, Yoleidys, 50, Unknown, Toronto, ON
Wang, Siyue, 23, Other, Toronto, ON
Wescoupe, Kevin James, 41, Stabbing, Winnipeg, MB
Wilson Roberts, Walter Ray, 23, Stabbing, Stanley Mission, SK
Chaneill Satow, 39, Kamloops, BC (May 26)