Update: Penitentiary staff arrested – Jonathan Henoche death in Her Majesty’s Penitentiary deemed homicide

Jonathan Henoche, 33, died November 6th at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary. Henoche was awaiting trial on a first-degree murder charge in relation to the 2016 death of Anna Regula Schul, 88, in Labrador.

Police said an altercation occurred with Henoche and correctional officers at a provincial jail, and Henoche died while in custody. The province’s chief medical examiner has ruled Henoche’s death was a homicide.

Police have not released if the officer(s) involved are still working or what charges may be laid.

Update December 21, 2020
The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary confirmed on December 21st that several Penitentiary staff have been arrested. Because the case is not yet before the courts, police could not release the number of accused, charged laid, or their identities.

Update January 9th 2020
Court document obtained by cbc.ca have identifed the guards and the charges they face in relation to the death of Jonathan Henoche.

  • Jason Anthony, manslaughter.
  • Jeff Thistle, manslaughter and failure to provide necessaries of life.
  • David Constantine, manslaughter.
  • Chris Coady, negligence causing death.
  • Stefan Cumby, negligence causing death.
  • Daniel Dalton, negligence causing death.
  • Scott Dwyer, negligence causing death.
  • Jenine Rickert, negligence causing death.
  • Riley Ricks, negligence causing death.
  • Lori Williams, negligence causing death.