Update – Toronto Billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey found dead in their home.

Police have been tight lipped over the deaths of Apotex founder Barry, and his wife Honey Sherman. Police responded to a 911 after a real estate agent had discovered the bodies of the Sherman’s on December 15th at 11:44am at 50 Old Colony Road.

Police arrived to find Barry Sherman and his wife Honey Sherman dead in their home.

The deaths are being investigated as suspicious, however the homicide team has taken over the case.

Police stated that the autopsy conducted on Mr. and Mrs. Sherman revealed the cause of death to be neck compression.

More information will be added as it becomes available.

Update January 26th.

Toronto police stated in a press conference that Honey and Barry Sherman were found on December 15th, hanging from belts on a poolside railing in a semi-seated position. The cause of death was described as “ligature neck compression” .

Det. Sgt. Susan Gomes said the lengthy investigation has lead them to believe the Shermans died as a result of a targeted double homicide.

Update December 26th, 2019
To date, investigators have obtained 38 judicial authorizations, that resulted in the searches of residential and commercial properties, electronic devices, and the production of 73 individual records.

Police also dais 150  items have been submitted to the Centre of Forensic Science for testing; 243 witnesses have been interviewed; and 4 terabytes of security video have been obtained. 205 tips have been provided directly to the police and 343 tips have been provided to the police via the private investigative team.

Police are still asking for help from the public regarding the murders “no matter how small or unimportant that information may seem, to please contact the police through their usual channels”  through Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS or directly to the Homicide Squad at 416-808-7400.

Update November 25th 2020

Detective Sergeant Brandon Price, of the Toronto Police Homicide Unit said “Numerous “persons of interest” have been, and continue to be, investigated throughout the course of this three year investigation. The goal of any investigation is to identify persons who may have been involved in an offence or to exclude them as suspects.”

Police cannot name any of the suspects in order to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Update December 14th, 2021
TPS Announced that they had seized a large number of security footage and were able to identify all but one person. Police said they are unable to determine the individual’s purpose to be in that area. Police also noted that they timing of the apperance is inline with when they believe the murders took place. Based on the evidence police are classifying the individual as a suspect.

Investigators ask the public to pay particular attention to the person’s gait, how they are walking. Through analysis it is believed the suspect is between 5’6 3/4″ and 5’9 1/2.”

The Sherman Family’s private 10 Million dollar reward for information leading to arrest in murders is still available.

The Toronto 2017 homicide victim list is available here.