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Julio Porcu murdered by his sister

Marina Porcu, has been charged with second degree murder is the death of her brother Julio Porcu.

The Feb 25th stabbing was the result of an argument over Heritage. When police arrived they found Julio with stab wounds. He was transported to a Montreal hospital where he died several hours later.

Father of three, Julio Porcu did not survive the attack, dying several hours later in hospital

Sex Offender Mario Bourgeois shot dead

in the early morning of February 11th 53 year old Mario Bourgeois was shot left for dead on the sidewalk near 15th street and Belanger, in Montreal with the murder weapon beside him.

Bourgeois has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1981, with sexual offences dating back to 1992. He had be listed as a dangerous risk to women.

Police believe this to be a contract kill and no suspects have been named at this time.