Stabbing in Langley has left Wells Tony Gallagher

Wells Tony Gallagher is dead and David Christopher Van Den is in custody following a stabbing near the Baselines Pub in Langley on June 1.

Gallagher a homeless man was stabbed several times and died of his injuries. Van Den of no fixed address has been charged with second degree murder.

Update: Luka Gordic Stabbed to Death

Luka Gordic was stabbed May 17th  just before midnight near Main Street in Whistler, Gordic was suffering from life-threatening injuries and was transported to the local clinic. Despite life saving measures, the young man was pronounced dead at the clinic.

Four teenagers have been charged, Arvin Golic 18, and three 17 year old boys who cannot be named.

Update June 7th, 2017
18 year old Arvin Golic has been found guilty and has been charged with manslaughter in stabbing death of Luca Gordic.

Update October 7th 2017
A judge found two of the remaining three accused guilty of manslaughter and the third guilty of second-degree murder on Friday October 6th. The three accused names have been placed under a publication ban due to their age at the time of the homicide.

Gordon Alexander David arrested in the death of Cady Quaw

Gordon Alexander David, the man accused of killing his spouse, 23-year old Cady Quaw, in Surrey, B.C. May 10th, has been arrested in Vancouver. He faces charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault, according to homicide investigators.

Police say Quaw, 23, died from her injuries but they are not identifying the second woman who remains in critical condition in hospital. Gordon will be facing aggrivated assault charges in the case of the un-named woman.

He was arrested by Vancouver police while walking on Granville Street.

Abbotsford homicide identified as Joe Zecca

Joe Zecca, 38, was found suffering from a head injury as well as other life-threatening injuries on May 10.

Andre Provencal, 23, has since been charged with two counts of assault with a weapon. On May 14, Shiloh Davidson, 31, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.


Randy Janzen has allegedly confessed to shooting death of his daughter, wife and sister.

Randy Janzen says he killed his 19-year-old daughter Emily Janzen, because she suffered from migraines, according to a post on his social media site on May 7th.

He said that he murdered his wife, Laurel Sinclair, because “a mother should never have to hear the news her baby has died.”

He killed his sister, Shelly Janzen, he claimed, to spare her the shame of what he did.

Police found Randy Janzen dead in the Langley home.

Gang Yuan, dismembered millionaire.

Vancouver Police were called to the house with reports of a violent confrontation. Police advised the family that Gang Yuan’s body was cut into 100 pieces.

Li Zhao, the man charged with second-degree murder in Yuan’s death.

Zhao was arrested after the discovery of Yuan’s dismembered body  on May 2.


Rueben Buhler charged in Burns Lake triple homicide

Police entered the residence on April 27th and found 3 people, one woman and two men, dead inside.

54 year old Burns Lake resident Reuben Buhler has been arrested in connection with the homicides and has been charged with three counts of second degree murder.

The identities of all three victims are not being released at this time.