October 2022 Homicide Victim List

The October 2022 Homicide list is available here

Canada October Murder Count: 68

Males: 51

Females: 13

Age of Youngest Victim: 1

Age of Oldest Victim: 88

Murder by Province or Territory
ON 23
AB 11
BC 8
MB 9
QC 8
SK 6
NB 3
NL 0
NS 0
NT 0
NU 0
PE 0
YT 0

Murder by City:
Toronto 7
Ottawa 4
Winnipeg 4
Burnaby 3
Edmonton 3
Laval 3
Montreal 3
Calgary 2
Innisfil 2
Regina 2
Saanich 2
Sudbury 2
Île-Bizard 2
Ajax 1
Big River First Nation 1
Birch River 1
Brantford 1
Breton 1
Chatham 1
Elsipogtog First NAtion 1
Garden Hill FN 1
High Prairie 1
Kingston 1
Langdon 1
Langley 1
Lethbridge 1
Markham 1
Maugerville 1
Maymont, 1
Moosonee 1
O’Chiese First Nation 1
Powerview 1
Prince Albert 1
Renous 1
Richmond 1
The Key First Nation 1
Thompson 1
Thunder Bay 1
Vancouver 1
Woodland Cree First Nation 1
Sarnia 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Armeni, Vincenzo, 66, Shooting, Laval, QC
Arnott, Wayne, 60, Unknown, Île-Bizard, QC
Bangura, Osman, 28, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Beardy, Creedence, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Bird, Wendy, 24, Unknown, Maymont,, SK
Blood, Tia, 34, Unknown, Lethbridge, AB
Boucher, Louise, 65, Unknown, Île-Bizard, QC
Colombe, Lionel Sherwin, 35, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Courchene, Joshua, 19, Beating, Winnipeg, MB
Crow Chief, Carl, 26, Unknown, Calgary, AB
Cunningham, Oaklan Reid, 1, Unknown, High Prairie, AB
Desormeaux, Brian, Unknown, Sudbury, ON
Desormeaux, Janet, Unknown, Sudbury, ON
Doe, JOhn, 38, Stabbing, Powerview, MB
Doe, Jane, 13, Other, Laval, QC
Doe, Jane, 33, Unknown, Thompson, MB
Doe, Jane, 41, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Doe, Jane, 81, Unknown, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, 11, Other, Laval, QC
Doe, John, 15, Beating, Moosonee, ON
Doe, John, 28, Unknown, Chatham, ON
Doe, John, 40, Other, Garden Hill FN, MB
Doe, John, 40, Stabbing, Toronto, ON
Doe, John, 51, Unknown, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, 51, Unknown, The Key First Nation, SK
Doe, John, 68, Other, Birch River, MB
Doe, John, Shooting, Langley, BC
Doe, John, Stabbing, Ajax, ON
Doe, John, Stabbing, Brantford, ON
Doe, John, Stabbing, Prince Albert, SK
Doe, John, Unknown, Kingston, ON
Doe, John, Unknown, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, Unknown, O’Chiese First Nation, AB
Doe, John, Unknown, Saanich, BC
Doe, John, Unknown, Saanich, BC
Farley Alvarado Quintero, Edwin, 49, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Garie, Kiesha, 24, Unknown, Burnaby, BC
Ghani, Asadullah, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Guerrier, Jefferson Peter Shardeley, 18, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Jack, Shemar, 21, Shooting, Richmond, BC
Jones, Clive, 64, Shooting, Toronto, ON
King, Richard, 48, Beating, Renous, NB
Ladds, Andy, 52, Unknown, Maugerville, NB
Lam, Kieu, 88, Unknown, Ottawa, ON
Lee, Chung Hung Victor, 67, Unknown, Markham, ON
Madimenos, Peter Alexandros, 38, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Markowski, William, 47, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Marshall, Robert Charles, 67, Unknown, Breton, AB
McConnell, Sam, 37, Shooting, Edmonton, AB
Mohamed, Mohamed Omar, 23, Shooting, Ottawa, ON
Murphy-Nimblett, Krishel Kanin, 28, Shooting, Ottawa, ON
Nguyen, Trong Minh, 39, Shooting, Langdon, AB
Northrup, Devon, 33, Shooting, Innisfil, ON
Noskey, Emilio, 22, Unknown, Woodland Cree First Nation, AB
Papatsie, Mary, 39, Unknown, Ottawa, ON
Park, Michael, 24, Shooting, Thunder Bay, ON
Peter, Dakota, 20, Stabbing, Edmonton, AB
Peters, Alexander Matthew, 36, Stabbing, Elsipogtog First NAtion, NB
Rosebluff, Sheldon, 45, Unknown, Regina, SK
Russell, Morgan, 54, Shooting, Innisfil, ON
Starr, Bryant, 34, Beating, Regina, SK
Umair, Kasim, 30, Unknown, Burnaby, BC
Walia, Vishal, 38, Shooting, Vancouver, BC
Whitehead, Lionel, 30, Unknown, Big River First Nation, SK
Williams, David Kendall, Beating, Calgary, AB
Yang, Shaelyn, 31, Stabbing, Burnaby, BC
Christine Adams, Sarnia ON
James Vernon Giesbrecht, Corwallis