Update Hamilton Teacher & son of Clara Rutherford charged – Carla and Alan Rutherford, die in Dundas house fire that has been deemed a homicide

Hamilton Fire and Hamilton Police Service responded to report of a house fire at 8 Greening Court in Dundas on July 9th at approximately 3:45am.

Alan Rutherford, was able to escape the fire and knock on a neighbors door for help. His wife Clara was unable to escape the fire. Clara was pronounced on route to the hospital. Alan was brought to hospital in critical condition where he died as a result of his injuries later in the afternoon.

Hamilton Police Service Major Crime Unit have determined the fire was deliberately set. Carla and Alan Rutherford were victims of homicide.

Update October 28th
The OFM report confirms that Clara, and Alan Rutherford victims of arson. Details of the report will not be disclosed at this time.

Police are asking for anyone with information about this homicide or anyone that knew the victims to contact Detective Ben Adams at 905-546-3836

Update January 24th, 2019
Richard Taylor a Hamilton teacher and son of Clara Rutherford is charged with two counts of first degree murder. Taylor is expected to appear in court January 24th. Hamilton Police said they “believe the murder of Richard Taylor’s mother and stepfather was financially motivated.”

Update June 17
Richard Taylor has been found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the arson deaths of Carla and Alan Rutherford, Taylor’s mother and stepfather.

“You were a very unusual criminal … How you turned out this way with your background is beyond me,” said Skarica, noting Taylor grew up in a good home with a loving mother and gained an adoring stepfather, unlike most offenders convicted of first-degree murder who come from troubled homes.

“You’re a monster and you should never see the light of day, You were a very unusual criminal … How you turned out this way with your background is beyond me,” said Judge Toni Skarica.