Update: The death toll has risen to 22 victims in Nova Scotia.

An RCMP officer as well as at least 10 others were killed in a Portapique shooting spree on April 19. According to RCMP Heidi Stevenson, a 23-year veteran of the RCMP was one of the victims and another officer has been injured. RCMP Chief Superintendent Chris Leather said, “an excess of ten people have been killed”.

It has been reported that 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman the suspect began his shooting spree on April 18th in Portapique, and ended at a gas station in Enfield NS where a body was seen. Police would not release the identity of the body.

Police said the 51-year-old denturist was impersonating a Mountie by replicating a uniform and a squad car.

Police stated that the shooter Gabriel Wortman was located by police at a service station in Enfield NS. Wortman was shot by police and later died. The matter has been referred to the SIRT. According to RCMP, only some of the victims were known to the assailant, the youngest being a 17-year-old girl.
Police have said there are 16 crime scenes in the communities of Portapique, Wentworth, Debert, Shubenacadie/Milford, and Enfield where police are currently gathering evidence.

Update April 29th
RCMP Cpl. Clarke said police have learned that the gunman was a collector and was in possession of multiple pieces of police uniforms from a variety of agencies. Investigation has determined that the shooter bought the RCMP vehicle at an auction. Police believe he obtained the vehicle in the fall of 2019, and that he added the light bar and decals.

Update April 22st
Victims as of 4.22.2020
1 – Heidi Stevenson, Female
2 – Lisa McCully, Female
3 – Aaron Tuck, Male
4 – Jolene Oliver, Female
5 – Emily Tuck, Female, 17
6 – Gina Goulet, Female, 54
7 – Corrie Ellison, Male, 42
8 – Heather O’Brien, Female
9 – Kristen Beaton, Female
10 – Jamie Blair, Female
11 – Greg Blair, Male
12 – Sean McLeod, Male
13 – Alanna Jenkins, Female
14 – Tom Bagley, Male
15 – Lillian Hyslop, Female
16 – Joanne Thomas, Female
17 – John Zahl, Male
18 – Joey Webber, Male
19 – Dawn Gulenchyn, Female
20 – Frank Gulenchyn, Male
21 – Peter Bond, Male
22 – Joy Bond, Female

Update April 24th
RCMP have released maps with times of when and where the homicide occurred. The maps are available here.

Update May 11th
RCMP said the gunman left the Portapique area on April 18, and was in possession of two semi-automatic handguns as well as two semi-automatic rifles. One of the guns was traced to Canada, and the remaining firearms that were recovered are believed to have been obtained in the United States. 

RCMP have confirmed that nine of the victims died in house fires and thirteen were shot. Police believe an accelerant was used to start the fires.

According to an RCMP press release “The RCMP’s Behavioural Analysis Unit is conducting a psychological autopsy of the gunman, with the intent of gathering insights into why he committed the acts of violence. This includes an analysis of his personality, past behaviour and how he related to others.”

The Nova Scotia RCMP is looking to speak with anyone who may have had a conflict with the gunman, whether professional or personal, at any time. Please call the tip line at 1-833-570-0121.

The 2020 Nova Scotia Homicide Victim List is available here.

Update November 29th
According to CTV news “Nova Scotia RCMP confirmed to The Canadian Press Monday that all 22 victims of the April 2020 mass killing in the province were shot.”