Update: Montreal police search for an important witness in the city’s 17th homicide of the year

Montreal police have said in a press release that a 26 year old  was stabbed to death in an apartment on rue Mullins in the borough of Le Sud-Ouest on September 18th at approximately 2am.

Police said the trans gender woman died of a stab wound but the motive is still unknown.

Investigators are reaching out to the public in hopes of identifying an important witness.

Anyone with information about the wanted witness can do so by calling 911, their local police department or anonymously and confidentially with Info-Crime Montreal at 514-393-1133

Update September 20th
Police have identified the man in the surveillance footage as Jean Edens Lindor 24.  Anyone with information on Lindor’s whereabouts is asked to call Info-Crime Montreal at 514-393-1133.

Update September 26th
Jean Edens Lindor was arrested in Scarborough on September 25th and charged with second degree murder of Gerry Sisi Thibert, 26 on Sept. 18.

The Montreal Homicide Victims List is available here.