Update: Woman sentenced to life in prison for the fatal stabbing of her 6-year-old daughter, and attempted murder of her two sons in Nunavut

Nunavut RCMP responded to report of a stabbing on May 12th at around noon in Coral Harbour.

Police arrived to find a 28-year-old, and her three children ages 6 years, 4 years, and 5 months suffering from stab wounds.

The mother and three children were rushed to hospital where her 6 year old daughter was pronounced dead. The 4 year old boy and 5 month old boy were released from hospital into the care of family members, while Jar was arrested once released from the hospital.

Shepa jar is facing one count of second degree murder and 2 counts of attempted murder.

The woman was convicted in July 2022 of the second-degree murder of her six-year-old daughter and the attempted murder of her two sons.

The accused cannot be named under a court-ordered publication ban.

Update December 14th 2023,
Justice Susan Charlesworth described a woman’s actions as a “revenge filicide” and sentanced her to life in prison. Charlesworth set the parole ineligibility period to 15 years, starting from the day of her 2016 arrest.