Update: Adam Strong Charged with 2 counts of First Degree Murder – Woman found dead in Oshawa basement apartment

Oshawa police were called to a basement apartment on McMillan Drive in Oshawa after a female victim was discovered inside on December 29th at approximately 7:30pm.

Police said the death is suspicious and arrested the suspect, Adam Strong, 45, of McMillan drive. Strong has been charged with Improper/Indecent Interference with a Dead Body.

An autopsy has been scheduled to confirm the identity of the victim and determine the cause of death.

Update January 6th
The victim has been identified as Rori Hache , 18, of Oshawa. Police said the body parts found in Oshawa Harbor back in September also belonged to Rori Hache.

Update November 10th, 2018

Adam Strong, 46, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Rori Hache, and Kandis Fitzpatrick, who police say went missing in 2008.

Anyone with new information is asked to contact Det. Short (ext. 5407) or Det. Dorego (ext. 5319)  1-888-579-1520