Update in 2015 homicide of Clinton Yow Foo

Police have identified the man that was shot dead outside in the Kingston Road and Ellesmere area October 1st as Clinton Yow Foo. Yow Foo was for steps away from his parents home where he was staying.

Yow Foo had been shot and was declared dead at the scene.
Toronto police are investigating after a man was found dead on a Kingston Road driveway on Thursday morning.

Yow Foo was known to police. He was one of several people arrested  in 2009, in which Durham regional police seized around three million worth of drugs, homes, cars and cash.


On April 19th Toronto Police updated the public on the Yow Foo homicide case.

The autopsy of Yow Foo has shown the he was killed by a single shot from a high powered rifle, from a distance away.

Police told reporters that investigators had located a browning BLR short magnum rifle approximately 200 yards away from the crime scene. The rifle had a Bushnell Legend High Definition scope and a Champion 13 by 22 inch bipod. Toronto police are asking for the public to help catch the sniper.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 416-808-2222