Update, Victim Identified: Toronto’s 59th homicide: Fatal Shooting in Busy Intersection

Toronto police were called to an intersection at Eglinton E. and Sloane Avenues on November 18th on report of a shooting at around 6pm.

The victim a 25 year old man, managed to find his own way to the hospital where he died of their injuries an hour later.

Police sad the victim was in a vehicle at the stop light when an SUV pulled up beside and opened fire.

Update November 20th
The victim has been identified at 25 year old Adrian Thomas. Police said an SUV pulled up beside the SUV that Thomas was in, and fired several bullets at the passenger side where Thomas was riding. The driver of the vehicle was unharmed.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7400

Toronto’s 2016 homicide victims list is available here.