George Flett dies after being assaulted in Winnipeg motel

George Flett 51 was found critically injured in his motel room at 400 block of Westwood Drive on December 11 2015. Police believe Flett was injured the night before and was rushed to hospital.

Darcy Jerome Beardy was originally charged with aggravated assault, until Flett died from his injuries on January 5th 2016.

Beardy has since been charged with second degree murder

Cynthia Marie French stabbed to death in rooming house

Cynthia Marie French 35, was one of two women that were stabbed in the rooming house on William Avenue in Winnipeg on January 12. The second victim has since been upgraded to stable condition. French died shortly after arrival.

Police said the victims returned home to their residence  earlier in the afternoon and found Vanessa Nepinak in Cynthia French’s room.  Nepinak was kicked out, but returned an hour later with her sister when the stabbing took place.

Candice Nora Nepinak, 31, and Vanessa Louise Nepinak, 35, have been charged with second degree murder and attempted murder.

Candace Monias beaten to death

Candace Monias 28, was found inside a home by police without vital signs on November 28th in Tuxedo Avenue. Monias, from Garden Hill First Nation, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Monias, was badly beaten during an argument with her partner Charley Harper, 29.

Harper has since been charged with Second degree murder.

Paul Joseph Thorne shot to death in Winnipeg

Paul Joseph Thorne 36, was shot to death behind a business in Osbourne Village on November 14th at 12:30am. Thorne was rushed to hospital in critical condition, he died his injuries shortly after arrival.

Police say the death of Thorne wasn’t random, and that it was gang releated.

Devvin James Worthington, 23, and Christian Abraham Boyd, 24, have been arrested and charged with second-degree murder


Camille Runke murdered in St Boniface

Camille Runke, 49, was the victim of a shooting. The Winnipeg woman was dead when police arrived on scene outside JB’s Trophy on Marion Street where she worked on October 30th.

Camille Runke, had a restraining order against her ex-husband Kevin Runke on July 24th, who she said had been stalking her for months.

Police are investigating Kevin Runke

as the prime suspect.



Walter Levasseur found dead in Winnipeg hotel

Walter Levasseur 56, wad found dead in a hotel room on October 12th and it has been said that he had been dead for two days prior to the discovery. Police said the victim had been in a fight with another man living at the hotel on October 10th and was left to die.

James Michael Jarrow 45,  is charged with second degree murder.


Selena Rose Keeper feared her killer

Selena Rose Keeper was found seriously injured in the front yard of a Winnipeg home October 8th. Keeper was rushed to hospital, but later died of her injuries.

Keeper was beaten inside the home and was left outside for dead. Witnesses tried to help Keeper, but were unable to stop the beating.

Police have charged Ray William Everett 20, with second degree murder.

Keeper filed a restraining order application against Everett that was denied in May.


Darryl Arthur Abraham stabbed to death

Darryl Arthur Abraham 36, was stabbed to death on August 22 at a North Kildonan area housing complex in Winnipeg.

Darryl Arthur Abraham was taken to hospital in critical condition, but he later succumbed to his injuries.


George Guimond, 35 was arrested Tuesday September 8th in Downton Winnipeg, after police issued a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest in connection to the death of Darryl Abraham.

Romeo Ryle arrested in the death of Justin Harvey Chezick

On July 20th at 7:30 am, emergency crews responded to a house fire in the north end of Winnipeg.  Once the fire was extinguished fire fighters located The body of ​Justin Harvey Chezic, 42 years old.

Police haven’t said whether or not Chezick was killed before the fire was started, or by the fire itself.

On Monday July 27th Romeo Ryle, 19, turned himself in to police, two days after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Ryle has since been charged with second degree Murder.

Steven Anthony Morrisseau charged in the death of Jason Stinson

The body of Stinson, 49, was found June 12, near the Red River in downtown Winnipeg.

Steven Anthony Morrisseau has been charged with second degree murder.

Police say Stinson and Morrisseau were roommates and on June 12, they were drinking alcohol under a train bridge when they began arguing. The argument ended when Morrisseau shot Stinson.