Dale Custer. found dead in Pelican Narrows

RCMP were called to a home on June 10th at 9:15 pm n report of an injured man. Police arrived to find Dale Custer 32, in serious condition.

Custer was rushed to a local health clinic where he was pronounced dead. Police have not released the cause of death.

Curtis Michel 20, was arrested on June 12th and has been charged with second degree murder of Dale Custer.

The Last Pelican Narrows Homicide happened 109 days previous. The victim in that homicide was Mark Clarence Michel.

Jordan Bedard dead after attending a social gathering

Jordan Bedard 19, was rushed to a Pelican Narrows Health Centre on July 9th. Bedard arrived unresponsive and was pronounced dead.

Police believe that Bedard attended a social gathering the day before he was rushed to the Health Centre.

Brett Michel has been arrested and is facing a second degree murder charge.