RCMP investigate a homicide on Fox Lake First Nation in Alberta

The 2021 Alberta Homicide Victim List is available here.

Fox Lake RCMP responded to an uttering threats complaint in the Fox Lake First Nation on May 17th.

On arrival police located a victim suffering from injuries. The victim was rushed by medivac to Fort Vermillion Hospital where they died of their injuries. Police said they will not be releasing the victim’s gender, identity or details of the investigation at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Fox Lake RCMP at 780-659-2081.

Update: Alberta RCMP investigate the suspicious death of a man found alongside Highway 677 near Spirit River

Spirit River RCMP responded to assist  Emergency Medical Services who were called to Highway 677 west of Highway 2 near the Woking turn off on report of a deceased male on the side of the road on June 11th at approximately 9:00am.

Spirit River RCMP said the circumstances surrounding the death of the man are suspicious and  Alberta RCMP Major Crimes have taken over carriage of the investigation. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Anyone with information in relation to this incident, or dash cam footage in the area of Highway 677 in the early morning hours of June 11, 2020, is asked to contact Spirit River RCMP at 780-864-3525.

Results of an autopsy conducted by the medical examiner’s office in Edmonton determined the manner of death of the 19-year-old man to be a homicide. Police will not be released the victim’s identity or cause of death at this time.

The 2020 Alberta Homicide Victim List is available here.

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Edmonton police investigating the fatal shooting of Samer Farzat Chehimi

Edmonton police responded to reports of gunshots on Brintnell Boulevard in northeast Edmonton on June 13th at approximately 12:25am.

Police and paramedics arrived to find 34-year-old Samer Farzat Chehimi, suffering from multiple life-threatening gunshot wounds. Despite life-saving efforts, Chehimi was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying a red, stolen Ford Expedition that was seen leaving the area. The vehicle in question is missing the license plate, and the bracket has Edmonton Oilers stickers on it. Homicide Section Det. Jared Buhler said, “The suspect(s) in this death are believed to be associated to this stolen vehicle.”

Anyone who saw the vehicle parked in front of a business or house between June 1 and June 13 is asked to contact the police at 780-423-4567.

The Edmonton 2020 Homicide Victim List is available here.

Man found deceased in a Westlock Alberta Apartment being investigated as a homicide

RCMP responded to the report of an unresponsive man ina building located at 10540 103rd Street in the town of Westlock on June 9th at approximately 10:30am.

The man was pronounced deceased at the scene. Police have not released the identity of the deceased only stating the death is being investigated as a homicide. More information will be added as it becomes available.

An autopsy is scheduled for June 11th in Edmonton. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Westlock RCMP detachment at 780-349-4491.

The 2020 Alberta Homicide Victim List is available here.

Details on Canada’s Top 10 Mass Murders based on numbers of victims can be found here!

Calgary Homicide #3 – Timothy Jones in custody in relation to the city’s latest homicide of Karson Goodeagle.

Calgary police were called to the area of 11 Avenue and 1 Street S.E., for reports of a man in medical distress on January 5th at approximately 4:50am .

Emergency crews located Karson Goodeagle,33, who was transported to hospital where he was later pronounced deceased. Police said Goodeagle died as a result of a stabbing.

As a result of the investigation, on January 6th, Calgary police arrested three men believed to be responsible for the attack. Dwayne Iyn Turner, 52, Tyrell Noskiye, 29, and Yahye Gabad, 23, are all charged with second-degree murder.  A fourth person of interest remains outstanding.

Police are asking for public assistance to locate Timothy Jones, 39. Jones is described as approximately 6’2″ tall and 205 pounds. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police non-emergency number 403-266-1234. 

Update January 9th
Timothy Ashton Jones, 39, was found in Calgary, on January 8th, and has been charged with second-degree murder.

The 2020 Calgary Homicide Victim List is available here.

Alberta Murder Victim List 2020

Murders in 2020 So Far: 129
(2019 Total: 91)
Male Victims: 117
Female Victims: 17
Unknown: 1

Alberta January Murder Count: 11
(January 2019 total: 11)
Males: 11

1 – John Doe, Male, 34, Wetaskiwin
2 – Barry Cecil Currie, Male, 30, Beating, Calgary
3 – Gurinder Pal Singh Sekhon, Male, 38, Shooting, Calgary
4 – Karson Goodeagle, Male, 33, Stabbing, Calgary
5 – John Doe, Male, Redwater
6 – John Doe, Male, 27, Medicine Hat
7 – Barrie Douglas Johnson, Male, Beating/ Stabbing, Stettler
8 – Aaron Watt, Male, 24, Edmonton
9 – Huran Baran, Male, 40, Stabbing, Edmonton
10 – Achor Jal, Male, 22, Shooting
11 – Joseph Jack Desjarlais, Male, Other Wetaskiwin

Alberta February Murder Count: 10
(Feb 2019 total: 2)
Males: 7

12 – Sheldon Wolf, Male, Calgary
13 – John Doe, Male, 35, Lethbridge 
14 – Mohamed Ahmed Makaran, Male, 32, Shooting, Edmonton
15 – Blair Cross, Male, 35, Strathcona County
16 – Hughie Decoine, Male, 27, Stabbing, Wabasca
17 – Melissa Rae Blommaert, Female, 33, Beating, Calgary
18 – Sheri Lynn Gauthier, Female, 33, Edmonton
19 – Emery John Cardinal, Male, 35
20 – Kalix Langenau, Male, 19, Airdrie
21 – Jane Doe, Female, 24, Cochrane

Alberta March Murder Count: 9
(Mar 2019 total: 1)
Males: 8

22 – Daryan Lyndon John, Male, 22, Wetaskiwin
23 – Kirk Dallas Powder Taylor, Male, 41, Shooting, Edmonton
24- Christophe Herblin, Male, 57, Calgary
25 –Hanad Mohamed, Male, 30, Shooting, Fort McMurray
26 – John Doe, Male, Shooting, Calgary
27 – Jake Sansom, Male, 39, Shooting, Glendon
28 – Morris Cardinal, Male, 57, Shooting, Glendon
29 – Jane Doe, Female, 41, Sundre
30 – Leslie Klassen, Male, 50, Cold Lake

Alberta April Murder Count: 5
(Apr 2019 total: 13)
Males: 4
Females: 1

31 – Jovaughan Meek, Male, 28, Shooting, Calgary
32 – John Doe, Male, 74, Maskwacis
33 – Brittney Ann Meszaros Female, 24, Calgary
34 – John Doe, Male, 32, Grande Prairie
35 – John Doe, Male, 38, Innisfail

Alberta May Murder Count: 9
(May 2019 total: 11)
Males: 5
Females: 4

36 – John Doe, Male, O’Chiese First Nation
37 Sarah Gartner, Female, 13, Strathcona County
38 – Lois Antonia Paterson-Gartner, Female, 55, Strathcona County
39 – Justin Applegarth, Male, 27, Calgary
40 – Mohamed Amin Hassan Jama, Male, 34, Edmonton
41 – Bella Rose Desrosiers, Female, 7, Stabbing, Edmonton
42 – Lisa Arsenault, Female, 38, Edmonton
43 – Ibaad Yar, Male, 15
44 – John Doe, Male, 80’s

Alberta June Murder Count: 11
(June 2019 total: 7)
Males: 10
Females: 1

45 – John Bijelic, Male, 57, Vegreville
46 –Benjamin VirtucioI, Male, 29, Shooting, Calgary
47 – John Doe, Male, Westlock
48 – Shane Eric James Smith, Male, 20, Calgary
49 – Samer Farzat Chehimi, Male,34, Shooting, Edmonton
50 – John Doe, Male, Spirit River
51 – Danny Junior Eagle Child, Male, 35, Gleichen
52 –Rajan Baraich, 31, Male, 31, Other
53 – Nathaniel Goodeye, Male, 35
54 – Jacob Michael Chitze, Male, 19, Leduc County
55 – Kyler Dean Commandeur, Male, 19, Clairmont

Alberta July Murder Count: 15
(July 2019 total: 5)
Males: 11

56- Brandon Watson, Male, 25, Stabbing Calgary
57 – Faron Houle, Male, 55, Saddle Lake
58 – Matthew Jordan Gladue, Male, 36, Edmonton
59 – Teresa Dejesus Esquivel-Robles, Female, 39, Edmonton
60 – Christian Navos, Male, Shooting, Calgary
61 – Roderica Ribbonleg, Female, 15, Fort Vermilion
62 – Wael Osman, Male, 19, Shooting, Edmonton
63 – John Doe, Male, 42, Peace River
64 – Abdikhadar Aden, Male, 31, Edmonton
65 –Gabriel Sunshine, Male, 34
66 – Benjamin Morin, Male, 38, Maskwacis
67 –  Joshua Dennehy, Male, 23, Montana First Nation
68 –  Tregan “Piikani” Crow Eagle, Male, 16, Piikani Nation 
69 – Audrey Corcoran, Female, 33, Stabbing Edmonton
70 – Vida Smith, Female, 69, Calgary

Alberta August Murder Count: 18
(Aug 2019 total: 6)
Males: 17

71 – John Doe, Male, 29, St Paul
72 – John Doe, Male, 10, Maskwacis
73 – John Doe, Male, Edmonton
74 – Riel Stamp, Male, 26, Stabbing, Edmonton
75 – Tyler Lines, Male, 38, Beating, Edmonton
76 – John Doe, Male, Cold Lake
77 – Walter Reynolds, Male, 45, Red Deer
78 – Anthony Taylor, Male, Stabbing, Calgary
79 – Jane Doe, Female, Grande Prairie
80 – Joshua Lavallee, Male, 27, Lac La Biche
81 – Russell William Storoschuk, Male, 68, Beating, Edmonton
82 – Darren Behm, Male, 51, Lloydminster
83 – Deng Malith Deng, Male, 32, Shooting, Edmonton
84 – Troy Beaverbones, Male, 23, Shooting, O’Chiese First Nation
85 – John Doe, Male, 19, Shooting, Calgary
86 – John Doe, Male, 27, Shooting, Calgary
87 – John Doe, Male, Paul Band First Nation
88 – Jane Doe, Shooting, Cold Lake FN

Alberta September Murder Count: 8
(Sept 2019 total: 4)
Males: 7
Unknown: 1

89 – Troy Boone, Male, 15
90 – Abdurahaman Indiris, Male, 21, Shooting, Calgary
91 – John Doe, Unknown
92- Dustin Kusch, Male, 35, Stabbing
93 – Ismail Charanek, Male, Stabbing
94 – Brett Daniel Sowan, Male, 28, Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement
95 – John Doe, Athabasca
96 – Unknown Victim, Sunchild First Nation

Alberta October Murder Count: 11
(Oct 2019 total: 7)
Males: 10
Females: 1

97 – Sierra Chalifoux-Thompson, Female, 13, Beating, Edmonton
98 – John Doe, Male, 16, Smoky Lake
99 – David Bawden, Male, 59, Calgary
100 – Jessie Ducharme, Male, 32, Stabbing, Edmonton
101 – Justin Wade Highet, Male, 34, Shooting, Edmonton
102 – John Doe, Male, Stabbing, Cochrane
103 – Safar Ali Safari, Male, 21, Shooting, Calgary
104- Cody Bugle, Male, 28, Stabbing, Edmonton
105-  Tiamquan Yang, Male, 81, Beating, Calgary
106 – Jessie James Hanaghan, Male, 37, Calgary
107 –Ryan Turnbull, Male, 27, Edmonton

Alberta November Murder Count: 7
(Nov 2019 total: 7)
Males: 5
Females:  2

108 – Frankie Swan, Male, 24, Edmonton
109 – Chantelle Firingstone, Female, 26, Ponoka
110 –Corrine Lisa Saddleback, Female, 51, Maskwacis
111 – Darrin Dean Cross, Male, 37, Edmonton
112 – Clifford Stamp, Male, 38, Edmonton
113 – John Doe, Male, 49, Edmonton
114 – Abdirahman Hashi, Male, 25, Edmonton
115 – James Rufiange, Male, 34, Red Deer
116 – John Doe, Male, Leduc

Alberta December Murder Count: 9
(Dec 2019 total: 13)
Males: 8
Females: 1

117– Jason Lagrelle, Male, 39, Shooting, Sunchild FN
118 –Mahad Bashir Farah, Male, 25, Edmonton
119 –Rauf Abdu Muzero, Male, 20, Edmonton
120 – John Doe, Male, Stabbing, Calgary
121 – John Doe, Male, 2, Edmonton
122 – James Gantz, Male, 65, Sangudo
123 – John Doe, Male, Strathcona County
124 –  Kyreese George Wright, Male, 20, Stabbing, Calgary
125 – Kuanyliet Kogalt, Male, 20, Shooting, Calgary
126 – Garang Deng (Cody) Akoar, Male, 20, Shooting, Calgary
127 – Louanne Martha Cardinal, Female, 29, Frog Lake
128 – Sgt. Andrew Harnett, Male, 37, Other, Calgary
129 – Billie Johnson, Female, 30, Edmonton

Calgary police investigating the fatal shooting of Farah Hersi Handule, who was wanted by Ottawa police for the 2017 homicide of Hamzeh Serhan

Calgary police responded to a report of shots fired in the area of 16 Avenue and Home Road N.W. on December 26th at approximately 9:00pm.

Police arrived to find Farah Hersi Handule, 23, of Ontario deceased. Handule has been wanted since 2017 for the murder of Hamzeh Serhan in Ottawa.

Handule is also known as 22 Neat in the Toronto Hip-Hop community.

Staff Sergeant Colin Chisholm of the Calgary Police Service Homicide Unit said in a press release “This is a targeted homicide carried out in a brazen way that leaves us very concerned for public safety. This easily could have resulted in a tragic outcome for innocent citizens who were in the area”

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities at 403-266-1234, or the Homicide Tip Line at 403-428-8877.

The 2019 Calgary Homicide Victim List is available here.

Edmonton Homicide – Breianna Schamber found strangled to death in Duggan residence

Edmonton police responded to a request for assistance from EMS at a residence near 35 Avenue and 107 Street on December 3rd at approximately 9:25am.

25-year-old Breianna Schamber was found deceased inside the residence. Police have released very little information regarding the death of Schamber, only saying that an autopsy was conducted on December 4th revealing the cause of death to be strangulation

Anyone with any information about the death of Breianna Schamber is asked to contact the EPS at 780-423-4567. The 2019 Edmonton Homicide Victim List is available here

Update June 12th 2020
Edmonton police arrested 23-year-old Hunter Alexander Duncan, on June 12th, and charged him with second-degree murder in connection to the strangulation death of Breianna Schamber.

Damien Christopher Starrett charged with the murder of his 1-year-old son

RCMP and paramedics responded to a 911 call of a one-year-old male who was in medical distress on November 23rd at 6:43pm. 

The 1-year-old child was rushed to hospital with serious injuries where he was pronounced deceased a short time after. Police said due to the injuries, the RCMP major crimes unit took over the investigation. 

The child’s father Damien Christopher Starrett, 30, of Fort Saskatchewan, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. He was also charged with the assault of another child who was present at the time of the incident. 

No other information will be released out of respect for the family.

Update: Charges laid in the 2019 Edmonton Homicide of Rebecca Hunter

Edmonton police were dispatched to the area of 133 Avenue and 140 Street on the report of a deceased female on November 13th at approximately 6:45am.

On arrival police located 35-year-old Rebeca Hunter deceased in front of a home. An autopsy was performed and police said the results will not be made public, however, the death is still being treated as suspicious.

Homicide detectives are asking anyone with information concerning Rebecca Hunter’s whereabouts in the days and hours leading up to her death to contact them at 780-423-4567.

Update July 1st
Arthur Trinity Brown, 42, was arrested on June 30, 2020 by Maskwacis RCMP and charged with second-degree murder in relation to the death of Rebecca Hunter.

The 2019 Edmonton Homicide Victim List is available here