Radoslav Guentchev facing two charges of second-degree murder after purposefully hitting two people with his vehicle

According to reports Gérard Chong Soon Yuen, 50, was cycling and was purposefully struck by a vehicle in Brossard on September 7th. Yuen was rushed to the hospital where he died of his injuries on October 8th.

The driver has also been accused of also striking a 52-year-old Huiping Ding on September 7th while she was walking on the sidewalk of Pelletier Boulevard. She died of her injuries that evening.

Radoslav Guentchev, 30, was arrested shortly after the incident that happened minutes between one another and is now facing two charges of second-degree murder. Police said there is no connection between the accused and the victims.

The 2020 Montreal Homicide list is available here.