Prince Albert Police locate the remains of missing man Bryon Lee Bear near Hague, Sask

Byron Bear was originally reported missing by his family on December 7, 2021 and thought to be involved in a serious assault that occurred in the early morning hours of December 6, 2021 in the 300 Block of 9th Street East.

On Dec. 6, Prince Albert Police responded to a report of gunfire near the 300 block of Ninth Street E at approximately 4:00am. On arrival police say they located evidence of a serious assault but no victim.

Prince Albert Police said the remains of a deceased male were located in a rural area near Hague on Fenruary 10th. An autopsy was performed and Police have been able to confirm that the remains are those of Byron Bear.

Raine Farrow, 23, and Kyle Burns, 37, are charged with second degree murder in connection with the death of Byron Bear.