Colleen Sillito shot by Ex in a murder suicide

Police say Colleen Sillito, was fatally shot in the driveway of her home by her ex boyfriend Paul Joseph Jacob 54, who then killed himself.

Police were called to the house early on Oct. 2 by neighbors who heard gun shots. On arrival RCMP found both Sillito and Jacob dead on the driveway of Sillito’s Fort Saskatchewan home.

Etanda Hardisty-Beaverho found dead in NWT

The cause of death in the case of Etanda Hardisty-Beaverho 12 years young, is still a mystery.

Etanda Hardisty-Beaverho was found dead near Riverview Road October 3rd in Fort Liard, N.W.T.

Police say an autopsy was conducted but the cause of death and manner of death are still undetermined, pending toxicology results.

Larry Wellman shot dead at Captain’s Quarters hotel

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has arrested Brandon Phillips 27, who is suspected to have shot Larry Wellman who tried to intervene in an armed robbery on October 3rd in St. John’s.

Phillips, has since been charged with first degree murder in shooting death of Larry Wellman at the Captain’s Quarters Hotel.

Jonathan Schmeikal found dead

Jonathan Schmeika 34, was found dead between two vehicles in 2600 block of 43 St. S.E. in Calgary, early September 30th.

Police haven’t said how Schmeikal died but searches of the area turned up no evidence of gunfire witnesses claimed to media they had heard. However an autopsy determined Jonathan Joe Schmeikal in fact had died as a result of a gunshot.

Police believe Schmeikal was shot several hours before being placed at the scene.


Jerry Cody Goodeagle has been charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of Jonathan Joe Schmeikal on October 6th.


September Homicide Statistics 2015

Canada September Murder Count: 49
Males: 35
Females: 14
Age of Youngest Victim: 2
Age of Oldest Victim: 81

Murders By Province or Territory
AB 16
ON 13
QC 7
BC 5
SK 3
NS 3
NT 1
MB 1
YT 0
PE 0
NU 0
NL 0
NB 0

Murders by Type
Beating 4
Shooting 13
Stabbing 10
Other 5
Unknown 17

Murders By City
Calgary 7
Montreal 5
Wilno 3
Vancouver 3
Edmonton 3
Scarborough 2
Lachute 2
Blairmore 2
Yellowknife 1
Vulcan 1
Truro 1
Toronto 1
Taber 1
Sydney 1
South Frontenac 1
Sherwood Park 1
River Heights 1
Regina 1
Pickering 1
Ottawa 1
Oakville 1
North Lethbridge 1
Mississauga 1
Kingston 1
Halifax 1
Coleman 1
Bradford 1
Ahtahkakoop First Nation 1
Abbotsford 1
Burnaby 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Blanchett, Terry, 27.0, Blairmore AB
Burton, Frank, 56.0, Calgary AB
Campbell, Brandon, 21.0, Edmonton AB
Campbell, Catherine, 36.0, Truro NS
Campellone, Marco Claudio, 24.0, Montreal QC
Carothers, Kallen, 23.0, Calgary AB
Chisholm, Stephen Tyler, 25.0, Sydney NS
Clachar, Isaiah, 17.0, Ottawa ON
Crow Shoe, Victoria Joanne, Calgary, AB
Culleton, Carol, 66.0, Wilno ON
Currie, Karen, 56.0, Vulcan AB
De Champlain, Christian, 44.0, Lachute QC
Doe, Jane, 55.0, Vancouver BC
Doe, John, River Heights, MB
Doe, John, Yellowknife, NT
Doe, John, 18.0, Edmonton AB
Doe, John, 18.0, Montreal QC
Doe, John, 25.0, Montreal QC
Doe, John, 25.0, Montreal QC
Doe, John, 74.0, Abbotsford BC
Doe, John, 81.0, Halifax NS
Dunbar-Blanchette, Hailey, 2.0, Blairmore AB
Fernley, Edmund, 30.0, Scarborough ON
Flitton, Matthew James, North Lethbridge, AB
Hunter, Melanie Susan, 55.0, Sherwood Park AB
Jovanovic, Christian, 41.0, Calgary AB
Kenyi, Madad Kenyi, 53.0, Mississauga ON
Kiseyinewakup, Silas Lorne, 26.0, Taber SK
Knife, Tyrone Jacob, 21.0, Ahtahkakoop First Nation SK
Kuzyk, Anastasia, 36.0, Wilno ON
Larmond, Bevis, 56.0, Scarborough ON
McCallen, James, 56.0, Bradford ON
Meketech, Hannah, 69.0, Coleman AB
Moise, Darian Denzel, 16.0, Regina SK
Murray, John Pearson, 80.0, Pickering ON
Nguyen, Duy Ly, 30.0, Vancouver BC
Otway, Jennifer, 42.0, Edmonton AB
Pilon, Gilles, 61.0, Lachute QC
Sahadeo, Russell, 23.0, Toronto ON
Saqib, Mohammed, 33.0, Calgary AB
Schmeikal, Jonathan Joe, 34.0, Calgary AB
Seymour, Mark Ian, 36.0, Kingston ON
Sun, Peng, Vancouver, BC
Warmerdam, Nathalie, 48.0, Wilno ON
Watts, John, 65.0, South Frontenac ON
Wilson, Judith, 62.0, Oakville ON
Hagan, Jessica, 19, Calgary, AB
Miles, Matthew Charles, 47, Burnaby, BC
Johnson, Edwin, 48, Montreal,QC

Frank Burton found dead in front of rooming house

Emergency crews were called were called to a home in the block of Centre St. N.W. on Sept 30th to check on the welfare of a man inside. Upon arrival EMS found Frank Burton 56, suffering from “penetrating trauma”.

The victim was transported to hospital where he passed shortly after.

Police have not released the cause of death, or if it is in-fact a homicide.


Police are looking for a suspect who was wearing a grey hoodie at the time of the attack. He has darker skin, a stocky build and is approximately five feet 10 inches tall.


Peng Sun Kidnapped and murdered

The Chinese consulate in Vancouver have confirmed officials are cooperating with the RCMP investigation into the alleged kidnaping for ransom of Peng Sun which happened on September 27th.

Sun’s body was found with the four suspects September 29th. The RCMP hasn’t stated how Sun died, or what happened between sept 27th and 29th.

Tian Zhang, 23, Casey James Hiscoe, 21, Dyllan James Green, 20, and Jacob Michael Gorelik, 18, have all been charged with interfering with a dead body.

An SUV with red diplomatic licence plates was also spotted at a bail hearing. It’s still unclear if the two people riding in the SUV are personally connected to Sun, but officials said the the Chinese consulate has offered help to Sun’s family.

Mark Ian Seymour stabbed to death in Kingston

Mark Ian Seymour, AKA Mark Bramley 36, was found with stab wounds and without vital signs on the street near the of Division and York streets September 28th.

Seymour was transported to hospital by emergency crews where he was pronounced dead.

After canvassing the area, police are looking for two suspects that were seen fleeing the area. The two males have been described as white, wearing dark clothing and estimated to be between five-foot-10 and six feet tall.

Anyone with information is asked to contact McMullen at 613-549-4660, ext. 6281, or



Shawn Brown, 26, and Derrick Blackett, 30 were arrested on December 14th and charged with first degree murder, breaking and entering and possession of dangerous weapons.