Update: Mother’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Cassie-Berube, was found guilty of manslaughter and other charges – Ottawa police declare the 2020 death of 5-year-old Chloe Guan-Branch a homicide. Two people have been charged

The 2020 Ottawa Homicide Victim List is available here.

Ottawa police said Chloe Guan-Branch, 5, was found injured at her home in the 1300 block of Meadowlands Dr. on May 15th, 2020.

Chole was rushed to hospital where she died of her injuries.

After a year-long investigation that involved significant forensic analysis, police have arrested Justin Cassie-Breube, 27, and charged him with manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessities of life. Ada Guan the victim’s mother has been charged with criminal negligence causing death, and failing to provide the necessaries of life.

*Ada Guan made headlines in 2015 when she gave birth to her daughter on a Air Canada flight from Calgary to Tokyo. According to reports Guan didn’t realize she was pregnant.

Update: In March, her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Cassie-Berube, was found guilty of manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death, failing to provide the necessaries of life, assault causing bodily harm and assault, all involving Chloe.

A Publication ban was set during the trial, however, now there is new information.

At the time of Chloe’s death Juatin Cassie-Berube was living with Chloe and her mother, Ada Guan, and was acting as Chloe’s father, Justice Pierre Roger said in court while reading his judgment on March 1.

According to the judge, approximately a week before she died Chloe’s bladder had been ruptured by blunt force, causing her body to slowly poison itself. her small face and body were covered in shocking injuries from being hit, struck, grabbed and thrown out of anger by Cassie-Berube said Justice Roger.

Some of the assaults caused Chloe serious head injuries, cuts on her lip, rib fractures, scar tissue in her abdomen and pancreas, serious bruises near her groin and lower back, and other bruises elsewhere, the judge ruled, recounting the evidence of a forensic pathologist.