Update: Trial results in acquittal of all charges – Amin Mohammed Abdullahi dead and one injured in Edmonton shooting

An altercation between two groups of people outside of of Tribute Lounge in Edmonton turned deadly when shots were fired at around 2:40am on Easter Sunday March 27. Two men were injured in the incident, and were rushed to hospital.

One man is in stable condition and Amin Mohammed Abdullahi 30,  died shortly after arrival. An autopsy is scheduled for March 30.

Police have not named any suspects at this time.


Arman Dhillon 21, turned himself into Edmonton police on Tuesday March 5th after a Canada wide warrant was issued for his arrest. Dhillon is facing a total of 21 charges including first degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, and a number of other breaches.

Update September 4th, 2018
Arman Dhillon, 23, was acquitted of all charges he faced in relation to a shooting that resulted in the death of Amin Mohammed Abdullahi, 30. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice June Ross, said “In the end, based on the evidence presented at trial, I am simply not sure that the Accused was the shooter. The evidence of his presence during the altercation does not demonstrate liability as a party to the charged offences, or any included offence.For these reasons”