October 2023 Homicide Victim List

The October 2022 Homicide list is available here

Canada October Murder Count: 45

Males: 26

Females: 15

Unknown: 4

Age of Youngest Victim: 6

Age of Oldest Victim: 88

Murder by Province or Territory
ON 20
AB 6
BC 6
SK 5
QC 3
NS 2
MB 1
NB 1
NT 1
YT 0
NL 0
NU 0
PE 0

Murder by City:
Sault St Marie 4
Edmonton 3
Toronto 3
Guelph 2
Quebec City 2
Bigstone Cree Nation 1
Brampton 1
Deschambault Lake 1
Fenelon Falls 1
Halifax 1
Hamilton 1
Horse Lake First Nation 1
Kelowna 1
Kemptville 1
Lincoln 1
Lone Butte 1
Mississauga 1
Montreal 1
Nanaimo 1
New Westminster 1
Ottawa 1
Pickering 1
Poundmaker FN 1
Prince Albert 1
Princeton 1
Regina 1
Richmond Hill 1
Sackville 1
Saskatoon 1
Sundre 1
Thorburn 1
Thunder Bay 1
Vancouver 1
Wallaceburg 1
Winnipeg 1
Yellowknife 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Boland, Hollie Marie, 30, Other, Halifax, NS
Badran, Rania, Unknown, Brampton, ON
Bearsears, Lee, Unknown, Poundmaker FN, SK
Bernard-Reis, Joshua, 21, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Bonada Rosas, Kevin, Unknown, Richmond Hill, ON
Bronk, Joshua James, Unknown, Princeton, BC
Campbell, Joseph Robert, 24, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Crossman, Marlene Cheryl, Unknown, Sackville, NB
Dion, Winter Star, 23, Shooting, Edmonton, AB
Doe, Jane, 19, Other, Quebec City, QC
Doe, Jane, 50, Unknown, Guelph, ON
Doe, Jane, 88, Other, Thorburn, NS
Doe, Jane, Unknown, Lincoln, ON
Doe, Jane, Unknown, Regina, SK
Doe, Jane, Unknown, Sundre, AB
Doe, Unknown, 12, Shooting, Sault St Marie, ON
Doe, John, 17, Unknown, Deschambault Lake, SK
Doe, John, 23, Stabbing, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, 37, Unknown, Prince Albert, SK
Doe, John, 45, Unknown, Guelph, ON
Doe, John, 47, Unknown, Horse Lake First Nation, AB
Doe, John, 50, Unknown, Quebec City, QC
Doe, Unknown, 6, Shooting, Sault St Marie, ON
Doe, John, 66, Unknown, Lone Butte, BC
Doe, Unknown, 7, Shooting, Sault St Marie, ON
Doe, John, 75, Unknown, Bigstone Cree Nation, AB
Doe, Unknown, Unknown, Yellowknife, NT
Doe, John, 64, Unknown, Wallaceburg, ON
Doe, John, Unknown, Thunder Bay, ON
Ferdinand, Michael, Shooting, Pickering, ON
Fisher, Alton, 49, Shooting, Mississauga, ON
Greenwood, Corey, 35, Unknown, Kemptville, ON
Head, Wendy, 53, Unknown, Nanaimo, BC
Kaur, Kulwant, 46, Stabbing, New Westminster, BC
Kelly, Tito, 36, Shooting, Hamilton, ON
Kitterhing De Sousa, Ana Paula, 57, Stabbing, Toronto, ON
Macdonald, Jordan, 32, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Mansoori, Zuhoruddin, 35, Shooting, Vancouver, BC
Mukoma, Brandon, 19, Shooting, Ottawa, ON
Phillips, Keith, 39, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Seeger, Tristan, 15, Other, Kelowna, BC
Sweeney, Angie, 41, Shooting, Sault St Marie, ON
Taysup, Ryan, 38, Unknown, Saskatoon, SK
Vinluan, Enrique, 53, Stabbing, Toronto, ON
Whiteway, Marilyn, 79, Unknown, Fenelon Falls, ON