November 2022 Canadian Homicide Statistics

The November 2021 Homicide list is available here

Canada November Murder Count: 56

Males: 38

Females: 15

Age of Youngest Victim: 8

Age of Oldest Victim: 88

Murder by Province or Territory
ON 19
BC 13
SK 6
AB 7
MB 4
NB 3
QC 3
NS 1
NL 0
NT 0
NU 0
PE 0
YT 0

Murder by City:
Toronto 5
Vancouver 3
Winnipeg 3
Chilliwack 2
Coquitlam 2
Edmonton 2
Montreal 2
Saskatoon 2
Thunder Bay 2
Brant County 1
Burlington 1
Cote First Nation 1
Hamilton 1
High Prairie 1
Kingsgate 1
Kingston 1
London 1
Maskwacis 1
Melville 1
Milton 1
Mississauga 1
Moncton 1
Nash Creek 1
One Arrow First Nation 1
Oshawa 1
Prince George 1
Ridge Meadows 1
Saddle Lake Cree Nation 1
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu 1
Shippagan 1
Sioux Valley Dakota First Nation 1
Springfield 1
Surrey 2
Waterhen FN 1
Windsor 1
Woodstock 1
Calgary 1
Kitchener 1
Grimsby 1

Wetakiwin 1
Prince Rupert 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Asham, Tristan James Raynard, 21, Shooting, Winnipeg, MB
Belesky, Corey, 31, Unknown, Thunder Bay, ON
Belmonte, Jerwin, 31, Other, Burlington, ON
Berndt, Jahzerah, 88, Unknown, Kingston, ON
Boudreau, Max, 24, Unknown, Moncton, NB
Brown, Nykera, 20, Unknown, Saskatoon, SK
Bull, Riley Evan, 19, Unknown, Maskwacis, AB
Callahan-Oligny, Donna, 69, Unknown, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
Cook, Michael, Shooting, Winnipeg, MB
Desmarais, Delany Nora, 23, Shooting, Winnipeg, MB
Devereaux, Scott, 39, Shooting, Nash Creek, NB
Doe, JOhn, 19, Stabbing, Montreal, QC
Doe, JOhn, 34, Stabbing, Montreal, QC
Doe, JOhn, 37, Stabbing, Vancouver, BC
Doe, JOhn, Shooting, Melville, SK
Doe, JOhn, Unknown, Chilliwack, BC
Doe, Jane, 23, Unknown, Saskatoon, SK
Doe, Jane, 30, Unknown, Sioux Valley Dakota First Nation, MB
Doe, Jane, 8, Unknown, Oshawa, ON
Doe, Jane, Unknown, Milton, ON
No name released, 24, Shooting, Surrey
Doe, John, 16, Unknown, Cote First Nation, SK
Doe, John, 26, Shooting, Windsor, ON
Doe, John, 36, Unknown, Waterhen FN, SK
Doe, John, 37, Shooting, High Prairie, AB
Doe, John, Other, Kingsgate, BC
Doe, John, Other, Ridge Meadows, BC
Doe, John, Shooting, Coquitlam, BC
Doe, John, Shooting, Prince George, BC
Doe, John, Unknown, Chilliwack, BC
Doe, John, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Doe, John, Unknown, Thunder Bay, ON
Douglas, Junoir, Stabbing, Toronto, ON
Fairful, Cameron, 65, Unknown, Vancouver, BC
Fawcett, Daniel Joseph, 52, Unknown, London, ON
Foster, John Russell, 59, Stabbing, Woodstock, ON
Gamble, Monique, 24, Unknown, One Arrow First Nation, SK
Gime, Abel, 23, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Hache, Thomas, 11, Other, Shippagan, NB
Jackson, Roland, 66, Unknown, Saddle Lake Cree Nation, AB
Kelly, Joseph, 60, Unknown, Vancouver, BC
Mosher, Barry, Unknown, Springfield, NS
Ouellette, Kelsey, 31, Shooting, Edmonton, AB
Oughtred, Gordon, 82, Unknown, Brant County, ON
Salam, Ramin, 25, Shooting, Coquitlam, BC
Sethi, Mehakpreet, 18, Stabbing, Surrey, BC
Strauss, Danielle, 38, Unknown, Hamilton, ON
TUcker, Jaheim, 19, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Wang, Ding Ping, 31, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Whyte, Nathaniel, 26, Shooting, Mississauga, ON
Zollerano, Katherine, 43, Unknown, Toronto, ON
John Doe, Male, Shooting, Calgary
Janet Magnuson, Female, 44, Wetaskiwin
John Doe, Male, Prince Rupert (Death occured Nov.11 – Manslaughter charge laid March 2023)
Jane Doe, Female, 51, Kitchener
Jane Doe, Female, 27, Overdose, Grimsby