November 2021 Canadian Homicide Statistics

The November 2020 Homicide list is available here

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Canada November Murder Count: 51
Males: 40
Females: 9
Unknown: 2

Age of Youngest Victim: 15
Age of Oldest Victim: 67

Murder by Province or Territory
AB 13
ON 13
MB 8
SK 6
BC 5
NS 3
QC 3
NB 0
NL 0
NT 0
NU 0
PE 0
YT 0

Murder by City:
Winnipeg 5
Toronto 4
Calgary 3
Edmonton 3
Montreal 3
Regina 2
Windsor 2
Ajax 1
Amherst 1
Barrie 1
Beaver Lake Cree NAtion 1
Brampton 1
Devon 1
Easterville 1
Edson 1
Fisher River Cree Nation 1
Halifax 1
Hamilton 1
Kawacatoose First Nation 1
Maple Ridge 1
New Westminster 1
Oak Lake Beach 1
Oshawa 1
Ottawa 1
Pincer creek 1
Red Deer 1
Red Earth Cree Nation 1
Sandy Bay 1
Saskatoon 1
Spruce Grove 1
Sucker Creek 1
Surrey 1
Thunder Bay 1
Truro 1
Vancouver 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Ahmed, Raiz, 45, Shooting, Brampton, ON
Aminzadah, Nabila, 36, Unknown, Toronto, ON
Bellinger, Justin, 33, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Chief, Felix, 28, Beating, Winnipeg, MB
Delmark, Daniel William, Shooting, Maple Ridge, BC
Deluca, Carlo, 50, Beating, Edmonton, AB
Doe, JOhn, 52, Unknown, Saskatoon, SK
Doe, JOhn, Unknown, Calgary, AB
Doe, Jane, 16, Shooting, Regina, SK
Doe, Jane, 18, Beating, Fisher River Cree Nation, MB
Doe, Jane, 25, Unknown, Montreal, QC
Doe, Jane, 31, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Doe, John, 18, Shooting, Barrie, ON
Doe, John, 23, Beating, Easterville, MB
Doe, John, 35, Unknown, Sucker Creek, AB
Doe, John, 41, Unknown, Beaver Lake Cree NAtion, AB
Doe, John, 44, Shooting, Windsor, ON
Doe, John, 45, Shooting, Surrey, BC
Doe, John, 51, Shooting, Thunder Bay, ON
Doe, John, 55, Unknown, Oak Lake Beach, MB
Doe, John, Shooting, Edson, AB
Doe, John, Unknown, Devon, AB
Doe, John, Unknown, Sandy Bay, SK
Doe, Jon, 24, Shooting, Windsor, ON
Dosani, Maahir, 15, Stabbing, Toronto, ON
Dustyhorn, Thomas, Unknown, Kawacatoose First Nation, SK
Ebrotie, Ahi S, 29, Unknown, Regina, SK
Edwards, Dennis Anderson, 37, Unknown, Red Deer, AB
Eekma, Megan, 34, Unknown, Pincer creek, AB
Ellis, Malcolm, 25, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Frederick, Linda, 64, Unknown, Ottawa, ON
Fullerton, Maurice, 33, Shooting, Ajax, ON
Ghorbani, Ali, 25, Shooting, Hamilton, ON
Hough, Joshua, 43, Unknown, Vancouver, BC
Humphries, Ruth, 67, Unknown, Oshawa, ON
Maple, Angus John, 40, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Mckay, Sean, 29, Unknown, Red Earth Cree Nation, SK
Merke, Merke Mehreteab, 25, Unknown, Calgary, AB
Morrissey, Jerry, 23, Shooting, Amherst, NS
Popal, Abdulmoaize, 23, Shooting, Toronto, ON
Powshuk, Robert, 51, Unknown, New Westminster, BC
Scott, Stephen, 30, Unknown, Calgary, AB
Sinclair, Cody, 30, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Thomas, Alexander Joseph Frederick, Unknown, Halifax, NS
Trudel, Thomas, 16, Shooting, Montreal, QC
Ufuoma, Oghenetega, 41, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Vivancos, Saladina, 33, Unknown, Spruce Grove, AB
Widden, Troy Douglas, 53, Unknown, Truro, NS
Yarema, Tyler Patrick, 42, Shooting, Winnipeg, MB
John Doe, Male, Prince Rupert (Death occured Nov.11 – Manslaughter charge laid March 2023)