Suspect shot and killed by police – Montreal Homicide 16 & 17 – Two men killed in Montreal in what police believe to be linked shootings

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The first victim was located in the area of Deguire Street and Jules-Poitras Boulevard just before 9:45 p.m on August 2nd. The victim has been identified as 64-year-old André Lemieux, the father of local professional boxer David Lemieux. He was shot in the upper body and was pronounced at the scene.

The second victim Mohamed Salah Belhaj, 48, was shot at an intersection in the Ahuntsic district at approximately 10:50 p.m. He was also shot in the upper body and declared deceased at the scene.

Chief inspector Marie-Claude Dandenault said “one shooter is responsible for both shootings. For me to confirm it 100 percent, we’re waiting on a few details. We’re waiting on the ballistics report. But 99 percent the same person is responsible for both shootings.”

Montreal police announced on August 4th that they shot and killed a suspect at a motel on Marcel-Laurin Boulevard. The suspect, 26-year-old suspect, Abdulla Shaik, was accused of killing three men, seemingly at random. Lemieux and Belhaj on August 2nd, and the third man in Laval on August 3rd.

According to reports Shaikh was detained off and on at mental health institutions from 2018-2021 where he allegedly harassed medical staff. Despite being labeled a “significant risk” to public safety, the administrative tribunal released Shaikh in January 2021.

New information has emerged stating the accused visited Toronto Zoo and Canada’s Wonderland before returning to Quebec to murder again. Police identified Abdulla Shaikh, 26, through video at the amusement parks, and receipts from the venues were found in his car.