Mathieu Maheu-Dumond charged with second degree murder in relation to a Tafisa factory stabbing in Lac-mégantic

The Quebec 2020 Homicide Victim List is available here
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Police and paramedics were called to the report of an altercation at a Tafisa factory on March 21st.

It is alleged that the victim, Alexandre Giroux, 36, was stabbed by Mathieu Dumont Maheux, at approximately 5:30am. On arrival police located Giroux unconscious. He was pronounced deceased at the scene. According to journaldemontreal It was the victim who contacted emergency services himself.

Mathieu Maheu-Dumond was arrested by police and charged with second-degree murder.

CEO of Tafisa, Louis Brassard, said the people involved do not work for his company, and that they were employed by a contractor hired to carry out work on the site of the particle board plant.