June 2023 Homicide Victim List

The June 2022 Homicide list is available here

Canada June 2023 Murder Count: 67

Males: 48
Females: 17
Unknown: 3

Age of Youngest Victim: 2
Age of Oldest Victim: 61

Provincial Results
ON 22
AB 10
BC 11
SK 8
MB 8
QC 6
NT 1
NB 1
NS 0
NL 0
NU 0
PE 0
YT 0

Murders by City
Toronto 6
Winnipeg 3
Prince Rupert 3 (triple murder-suicide)
Calgary 2
Edmonton 2
Hamilton 2
Kewlona 2 (double Homicide)
Montreal 3
Ottawa 2 (same neighborhood but not connected)
Saddle Lake Cree Nation 2 (not connected but on the same day)
Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation 2 (not connected)
Saskatoon 2
Aurora 1
Big River 1
Buckland 1
Burnaby 1
Brandon 1
Collingwood 1
Dieppe 1
Easterhazy 1
Fort Providence 1
Halfmoon Bay 1
Kirkland Lake 1
Langdon 1
Mississauga 1
Mont-Tremblant 1
Moosomin First Nation 1
Muskoday First Nation 1
North Battleford 1
Pickering 1
Dawson Creek 1
Prince George 1
Red Sucker Lake First Nation 1
Repentigny 1
Rocky View County 1
Samson Cree First Nation 1
St. Catharines 1
Sturgeon County 1
Sudbury 1
Surrey 1
Vancouver 1
Woolwich 1
Thunder Bay 2
Peterborough 1
San Clara 1

Murders by Type
23 shooting
6 stabbing
4 Beating
2 Other
24 unknown

Victims and links to more information on each homicide

Ai, Alice (Jingying), 56, Sandy Bay MB
Ali, Osama, 21, Edmonton AB
Baumung, Bentley, 61, Easterhazy SK
Beltrano, Anthony, M, 45, Hamilton ON
Boubash, Mohammad-Saeid, 38, Aurora ON
Buckle, Jackie, 62, Hamilton ON
Crookedneck, Kaylee, 32, North Battleford, SK
Del Balso, Francesco, 54, Montreal QC
Dixon, Anthony, Pickering ON
Doe, Jane, Langdon AB
Doe, Jane, Kelowna BC
Doe, Jane, Kelowna BC
Doe, Jane, Calgary AB
Doe, Jane, Toronto ON
Doe, Jane, 15, Big River First Nation SK
Doe, Jane, 51, Mont-Tremblant QC
Doe, John, Edmonton AB
Doe, John, Moosomin FN SK
Doe, John, Brandon MB
Doe, John, St Catharines ON
Doe, John, Prince Rupert BC
Doe, John, Prince Rupert BC

Doe, John, Saddle Lake AB
Doe, John, Prince George BC
Doe, John, Montreal QC
Doe, John, 17, Sudbury ON
Doe, John, 17, Winnipeg MB
Doe, John, 2, Red Sucker Lake First Nation MB
Doe, John, 34, Samson Cree FN AB
Doe, John, 39, Sandy Bay Ojibway FN
Doe, John, 61, Montreal QC
Doe, John, Prince Rupert BC
Doe, John, Vancouver BC
Doe, John, Sturgeon County AB
Dreaver, Wade, 27, Muskody FN SK
Duc Do, Tuc, 43, Toronto ON
Garcia-Frias, Noel, Repentigny QC
Jimmy, Jeremy Burton, 44, Calgary AB
Johnston, Falin, 28, Winnipeg MB
Karyakin, Maxim, 30, Toronto ON
Large, Ralph Francis, 23, Saddle Lake
Leblond, Dustin, 33, Collingwood ON
Lund, Frank, 78, Buckland SK
Matto, Gilbert, Fort Providence NT
Mohamed, Yasmin Ali, 29, Toronto ON
Nagy, Ryan, 19, Burnaby BC
Oseke, Ifeanyichukwu, 28, Toronto ON
Quattrocchi, Michael, 47, Ottawa ON
Renaud, Ernest, 47, Kirkland Lake ON
Said Mohamed, Mohamed, 55, Toronto ON
Sanderson, Damien, 35, Saskatoon SK
Singh Nijjar, Hardeep, 45, Surrey BC
Singh Waraich, Jaiteg, 24, Rocky View County, AB
Sullivan, Gary Roy, 56, Halfmoon Bay BC
Tait, Johnathen Joseph, Winnipeg MB
Taysap, Theresa, 35, Saskatoon SK
Tiglik, Zachary, Ottawa ON
Todd, Shahid, 25, Mississauga ON
Wright, Jacob, 26, Dieppe NB
Doe, John, 86, Shooting, Woolwich
Jane Doe, Female, Unknown, Thunder Bay
John Doe, Male, 90, Other, Thunder Bay
Ryan Earp, Dawson Creek
Raingi Tukai, 38, Indigenous, Inukjuak, Quebec (~June 1)
Sarah King, 36, Shooting, Peterborough, Ontario (June 2)
Melinda Lynxleg, 40, Indigenous, San Clara, Manitoba
Sahra Bulle, 36, Windsor, Ontario (found June 6)