July 2015 Canadian homicide breakdown

The month of July saw forty five murders. Thirteen of the murders were women, one was an unspecified child, the other thirty four were men.

Sixteen of the murders are still unsolved with no suspects.

8 of the murders were stabbings.

8 were shootings.

7 were violent beatings.

1 arson

21 causes of death have not been released

3 bodies not yet found but determined to be homicide


Murder breakdown by Province.

ON – 8
One beating, one shooting, five stabbings , one no body located

AB – 7

One stabbings, two shooting, two beating, one missing body, one unreleased.

BC – 11
Three shooting, one stabbing, one violent attack & six unreleased.

SK – 1

NB – 1
Assault, beating.

NL – 1

NU – 1

MB – 4
One body still missing, one Arson, one beating, one undetermined.

QC – 12
Seven unreleased, two shootings, two beatings, one stabbing

PEI – 1

July’s youngest victim was a 10 month old baby boy, and the oldest victim was an 82 year old man.