William Comber was sentenced in relation to an Armstrong drive-by that claimed the life of 20-year-old Hailey Dugay

Teulon RCMP responded to a report of a 20-year-old woman shot in a vehicle, on November 17th at approximately 11:40pm in the area of Provincial Road 231 in the RM of Armstrong.

Police said the investigation has led them to believe that an altercation had broken out at a bar in Fraserwood earlier that evening. A man who had been at the bar left and parked approximately 2 miles away from Fraserwood on  Kuz Road. Three cars belonging to patrons from the bar passed the suspect and opened fire.

A 20-year-old woman who was in another vehicle was struck and died of her injuries in hospital.

Police initially charged another man, Jesse Paluk, in the murder, but the charge was dropped and investigators later charged Comber. William Ryerson Comber, 20, from the RM of East St. Paul, was arrested on Aug. 8th 2019 and charged with second-degree murder.

Update: In December 2022 a jury convicted William Comber of second-degree murder in the death of Hailey Dugay, 20.

On October 27th 2023 A Manitoba judge sentenced Comber to life with no parole for 12 years for shooting at a moving vehicle, a lifetime weapons prohibition and ordered Comber to provide DNA.