January 2023 Homicide Statistics

The January 2022 Homicide list is available here
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Canada January Murder Count: 47

Males: 30

Females: 16

Unknown: 1

Age of Youngest Victim: 23

Age of Oldest Victim: 89

Murder by Province or Territory
ON 13
BC 11
MB 8
AB 7
NS 3
QC 3
NL 1
SK 1
NB 0
NT 0
NU 0
PE 0
YT 0

Murder by City:
Edmonton 5
Toronto 4
Winnipeg 3
Coldstream 2
Surrey 2
The Pas 2
Vancouver 3
Bell’s Island 1
Bonnechere 1
Burlington 1
Calgary 1
East Walton 1
Five Islands 1
God’s Lake Narrows 1
Halifax 1
Mont-Saint-Hilaire 1
Montreal 1
Nanaimo 1
Norway House 1
Oshawa 1
Ottawa 1
Pellican Narrows 1
Quadra Island 1
Skownan First Nation 1
Uxbridge 1
Windsor 1
Collingwood 1
Dawson Creek 2
Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec 1
Thunder Bay 2

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Alinanyinyi, Nadine Flora, 34, Unknown, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC
Bakewell, Shane, 32, Shooting, Edmonton, AB
Barnwell, Joy, 70, Unknown, Toronto, ON
Bell, Ronald, 70, Unknown, Edmonton, AB
Doe, Jane, 23, Stabbing, Norway House, MB
Jessica McLaggan, 39, Unknown, Quadra Island, BC
Doe, Jane, 70, Unknown, Burlington, ON
Xiaoxia Wang, 89, Other, Toronto, ON
Nelson Niyongabo, Male, 26, Toronto, ON
Doe, Jane, Shooting, Five Islands, NS
Lysane Gendron, Unknown, Montreal, QC
Doe, Jane, Unknown, Surrey, BC
Doe, John, 33, Shooting, Halifax, NS
Doe, John, 39, Stabbing, Windsor, ON
Doe, John, 41, Beating, Edmonton, AB
Doe, John, 68, Beating, Skownan First Nation, MB
Doe, John, 71, Beating, East Walton, NS
Doe, John, Beating, Bell’s Island, NL
Doe, John, Shooting, Calgary, AB
Doe, John, Stabbing, Nanaimo, BC
Doe, John, Unknown, Coldstream, BC
Doe, John, Unknown, Coldstream, BC
Doe, John, Unknown, God’s Lake Narrows, MB
Doe, John, Unknown, Oshawa, ON
Doe, John, Unknown, Surrey, BC
Doe, John, Unknown, The Pas, MB
Doe, John, Unknown, The Pas, MB
Doe, John, Unknown, Vancouver, BC
Jeff Jeanty, Male, 34, Other, Vancouver BC
Finlay, Douglas Michael, 73, Other, Toronto, ON
Genereux, John, 66, Stabbing, Uxbridge, ON
Linklater, Dalton, 34, Unknown, Pellican Narrows, SK
Samson, James, 45, Stabbing, Ottawa, ON
Schwalm Ashley, Female, Other, Collingwood
Sharpe, Lisa, 48, Unknown, Bonnechere, ON
Singh, Barinder, Shooting, Edmonton, AB
St Anne, Jason, Unknown, Vancouver, BC
Thomas, Star Alicia, 23, Other, Winnipeg, MB
Wescoupe, Carl George, 40, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Wheeler, Richard, 65, Unknown, Winnipeg, MB
Kenneth Hale, Male, 78, Lethbridge, AB
John Doe, Male, 23, Shooting, Thunder Bay
Cody Young, Male, 33, Thunder Bay
Charlize Wolfinger-Oflaherty, Female, 18, Shooting, Edmonton
Tina (Christina) Nellis, Dawson Creek
Roy (Adam) Isley, Dawson Creek
Jean-Jean Wei, 50, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec