Illutak Anautak stabs 3 family members to death in Northern Quebec

Three people were murdered and two others injured in a stabbing spree on June 10th in the remote village of Akulivik.

Police said the suspect, Illutak Anautak 19, stabbed his uncle Lucassie Anautak, 36, 12-year-old cousin Patulik Anautak, and Eli Qinuajuak, 32, who is married to one of Illutak’s aunts. All three victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Two others were injured at another home but are expected to survive. It is alleged that Anautak broke into 3 homes and was intercepted by police while trying to break into the fourth.

Anautak was shot by police while trying to enter the fourth home, and then fatally shot when he started to approach police.

The Canadian Homicide Statistics for the first four months of 2017  is available here.