Glen Crossley, the man who killed Olympian Victor Davis in the 80’s charged with the September death of Albert Arsenault

Glen Crossley, 46, turned himself in to the Montreal police after a family member told him there was a warrant for his arrest made. Crossley has been accused of manslaughter in the September 2016 death of Albert Arsenault 70.

Arsenault died of a head injury after an incident at a bar on Newman Boulevard in Montreal on September 17.  Arsenault’s wife, Lise Hurtubise, told a Montreal radio station 98.5FM that her husband was pushed and that it was on video.

In 1989 Crossley was charged with manslaughter in the hit and run death of Olympic swimmer Victor Davis 25. Crossley was found guilty and sentenced in 1992.

The Montreal homicide victim list is available here.