Update: Ferdinando Belmonte found dead in Laval Suspect arrested in Ontario

Police received a call at around 8 pm on June 28th reporting that a man was injured at the bottom of a staircase. The caller thought the victim may have fallen.

Police arrived to find  Ferdinando Belmonte 22 dead at the bottom of the stairs at an apartment complex in the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul district.

Belmonte’s injuries more serious than falling down the stairs. He had sustained injuries to his back, however police would not elaborate on the injuries or any weapons used.

The Death of Ferdinando Belmonte is the third for Laval this year. See the other two victims below.

Rocco Sollecito 67, was shot to death in his car.

Lorenzo Giordano 52 gunned down 2 weeks after prison release.

UPDATE – October 8th

Laval police say Mitchell Robert Cousins, 29 who was wanted in relation to  the death of Belmonte was arrested in Kitchener Ontario on October 4th. Cousins is being transferred to Laval where he will face a murder charge.