Update 3 people charged in Edmonton’s 26th homicide of 2017

Edmonton police responded to a call in a parking lot of an apartment building on June 23, at approximately 6:45 am after a passerby found a deceased male near parked vehicles.

Witnesses reported a disturbance at around 3am between a group of people.

The cause of death and victim’s identity has not been released. An autopsy has been scheduled for June 27th.

Update June 26

Edmonton police have arrested 3 people in relation to the death of the 17 year old male. Arnold Anton Stephens, 38, was charged with second degree murder. Victoria May Carifelle, 30, was charged with second degree murder. Terence Christopher Lewis, 30, was charged with second degree murder.

Police decided not to release the name on the victim as it does not serve an investigative purpose. EPS has a duty to protect the privacy rights of the victims and their families.

Update June 27

According to a report by Global News friends and family identified the victim as Ashton Cardinal.

The 2017 Edmonton homicide victim list is available here.