Death of Rance Bearhat being investigated as a homicide

Blood Tribe Police Service and emergency medical services responded to report of a man in medical distress on February 24th in Standoff Alberta. Police said the 40 year old man had been exposed to extreme weather conditions for an unknown amount of time.

The man was rushed to  Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge, where he died of his injuries. Blood Tribe police are working with RCMP in what is said to be a homicide.

An autopsy was conducted on February 26th, however no details have been released.

Update March 5th.

Police have identified the victim as Rance Bearhat 26. On Saturday March 3rd police made 2 arrests, Stanley Troy Big Sorrel Horse, 36,  and Justin Chad Big Sorrel Horse, 32, have both been charged with second degree murder.