A coroner’s inquest into the fatal 2017 police shooting of Jeremy Nuvviaq rules the death a homicide

Jeremy Nuvviaq, 39, dies on May 1st 2017 after he was shot by one of two RCMP officers who had been called to his home in Sanirajak.

According to reports Jeremy was on Facebook live saying “this is how you suicide by cop” while holding what was described as a toy handgun covered by a towel. it is alleged that he then carried a long-barrelled pellet gun outside and aimed it at the officers who had arrived at his house. It was then, that he was shot by Const. Stephen Currie.

The jury acknowledged that Const Currie feared for his life when Nuvviaq pointed the pellet gun at them, jurors felt more could have been done to prevent Nuvviaq’s death before the fatal gunshot was fired, thereby rendering it a homicide.