Nathan Timothy Deslippe found dead in London

London police were called to a Colborne Street Apartment on August 28th at around 10 am. On arrival police found 27 year old Nathan Timothy Deslippe dead at the scene.

William Omar Joles 27, was arrested at the scene and is facing a charge of second degree murder.

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UPDATE-Garnet Williams found dead in a dumpster, arrests made

Winnipeg police were called to an apartment building on McGee Street on August 10th on report of a dead body in a dumpster behind the building.

Police arrived to find the body of a man who was later identified as Garnet Williams 43 of Winnipeg.

UPDATE – August 28th
Police said Williams was assaulted on July 31, and confined to a home where he passed away from his injuries days later.

Jeremy Lee Allen 27,  has been charged with first degree murder. Lyle Barrow 30, and Miranda Nancy Leclaire 32, have been charged with manslaughter in the death of Williams.

Jennifer Kelly Hall 25, and a 56 year old unnamed man have been charged with indignity to a human body.

Update December 8th
Lyle Barrow 30, and Miranda Nancy Leclaire 32 original charges of manslaughter have been upgraded to first degree murder.

Peggy Ann Smith 61, shot to death in Toronto

Toronto police responded a call of shots fired at a Riverdale area townhouse complex at around 6:15 on August 27th.

Officers found 61 year old Peggy Ann Smith in the ally way suffering from a gun shot wound. Paramedics said the Smith was declared dead at the scene.

Police are looking for two men who were seen fleeing the scene on foot, heading north towards Dundas street East.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7400.

The death of Peggy Ann Smith is Toronto’s 48th of 2016.
Find the Toronto victim’s names and links to their stories here.

UPDATE: 3 people dead in Scarborough crossbow shooting

Scarborough police responded to reports of a stabbing on Thursday August 25th , only to arrive to find 3 people dead in a garage of a home.

Two men and a woman were found with crossbow bolt  injuries, and the weapon near by. Paramedics said the two men and the woman were pronounced dead at the scene. A fourth victim suffered minor injuries and is being held in custody by police.

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Brett Ryan, 35 Was arrested August 25th and is facing three charges of first degree murder. The names of the victims have not been released.

**UPDATE** August 29

Police have released the cause of death of the three victims. The man found in the garage died of a cross- bow bolt stab wound to the neck. The second man who was found in the driveway dies of a single “arrowhead” stab wound to the neck. The woman was strangled to death.

The names of the victims  are under a court-ordered publication ban at this time.

**UPDATE** August 30th

The publication ban has been lifted and the victims have been named as Brett Ryan’s mother and two brothers, Susan Ryan, 66, Christopher Ryan, 42, and Alexander Ryan, 29.

Tylor McInnis found dead in trunk of a car

Tylor McInnis 26, was found dead in the trunk of a stolen car that was abandoned in a North Preston Cemetery on August 23.

Police said that the car was reported stolen at around 2 pm on August 23, and found in St. Thomas Baptist Church cemetery a short time after.

An autopsy conducted on August 24th proved the death of McInnis to be a homicide, however police are not releasing the cause of death at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this case should contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Four people have been charged with the Murder of Tylor McInnis. Daniel Romeo Downey, 18, is facing first degree murder, robbery, extortion, kidnapping. Nicco Alexander Smith, 25, of Cole  is facing charges of first degree murder, robbery, extortion . Judson Lemar Falls, 34, is facing charges of accessory after the fact. Also an un-named teenage has been charged with being an accessory after the face.

UPDATE : Afternoon shooting in Toronto takes the life of John Ignagni

Toronto Police responded to reports of a collision on King Street West at around 12:15 in the afternoon on August 21st. Police arrived to find a male victim dead,with gunshot wounds near a motorcycle.

Cst. Victor Kwong said that the shooting happened in an underground parking garage on Crawford Street.

More information will be posted as it comes available.

**UPDATE** August 22
Police have identified the victim of what is thought to be a targetted attack as John Ignagni 33.

Police are looking for a white male who was seen leaving the area on a bicycle, wearing a dark bicycle helmet.

The death of John Ignagni is Toronto’s 44th homicide of 2016.  You can find Toronto’s 2016 homicide list here.


Toronto Homicide Victim List 2016

Murders in 2016 So Far: 73 (55 in 2015)

Click here for the 2017 Toronto Homicide Victim List

January 2016
#1 –Joseph Petit
#2 –Annunziata Melaragno
#3 –Alfredo Patriarca
# 4 –Alva Dixon
#5 –Tevin James
#6 –Adedotun Agunbiade
#7 –Rocco Zito
#8 –David Eminess
#9 – Quinn Taylor
#10 –Sylvia Consuelo

#11 –Saed Kaylie
#12 – John Doe
#13 –Kiowa Wind McComb
#14 –John Doe
#15 –Bryan Agyei
#16 –Husani Robinson

#17 –John Doe
#18 –Kenneth Oxley
#19 –Josiah Haye
#20 –Eleanor Campbell
#21 –Ceyon Carrington

#22 –Julian Weekes
#23 –Julio Soto
#24 –Daniel John Lypka
#25- Gabriel Nikov
#26 –Abdullah Farah
#27 –Cynthia Mullapudi
#28 –Joseph Anzolona

#29 –Candice Rochelle Bobb
# 30 –Ramsey Whitefish

#31 –John Doe
#32 –Christopher McLean
#33 –Sukhvir Deo

#34 –Justin Bokma
#35 –Lafrance Matthews
#36 –George Auld
#37 -Abdirizak Hersi
#38 – John Doe
#39 –Jenyon Middleton
#40 – Stephen Russell

#41 – Katherine (Kathy) Plytas
#42 – Steven Doyle
#43 – Melissa Cooper (the homicide took place in April 2016)
#44 – John Ignagni
#45 – John Doe
#46 – John Doe
#47 – Jane Doe
#48 – Peggy Ann Smith

#49 – Kiesingar Gunn
#50 – John Doe
#51 – David Brenner
#52 – Kareem Deerr

#53 – Maninder Singh Sandhu
#54 – Jarryl Hagley
#55 – John Doe
#56 – Mohamed Omer
#57 – Kevin Gidden

#58 – Julian Jones
#59 –  Adrian Thomas
#60 – Caheem ‘Clayshawn’ Ramsuchit
#61 – Marcus Gibson

#62 – Elana Fric Shamji
#63 –Vitaliy Ferynskyy
#64 – Ardian Kaloshi
#65 – John Doe
#66 – Sarah Vermelhudo
#67 – Kareem Hastigs
#68 – Faysal Mohamed Hees
#69 – Michael Jacobson

** Deemed homicide in January 2017**

#70 – John Doe
#71 – John Doe
#72 – John Doe
#73 – John Doe