February 2016 Canadian Homicide Statistics.

Canada February Murder Count: 35 (48 in January 2016)

February 2017 List is available here.
Males: 29
Females: 6
Age of Youngest Victim: 17
Age of Oldest Victim: 77

Murders By Province or Territory
ON 20
AB 4
MB 4
SK 2
NB 2
BC 2
QC 1
YT 0
PE 0
NU 0
NT 0
NS 0
NL 0

Murders by Type
Beating 2
Shooting 11
Stabbing 7
Other 0
Unknown 15

Murders By City
Toronto 6
Winnipeg 4
Edmonton 2
Ottawa 2
Odessa 2
Hamilton 2
Vaughan 1
South Dundas 1
Richmondhill 1
Regina 1
Red Deer 1
Pelican Narrows 1
Mississauga 1
London 1
Lethbridge 1
Lac Simon 1
Keswick Ridge 1
Chilliwack 1
Campbellton 1
Brooks 1
Brantford 1
Brampton 1
Almonte 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Agyei, Bryan, 22, Toronto ON
Allen, Edward Robert, 67, South Dundas ON
Baker, William Blaine, 47, Red Deer AB
Cameron, Bernard, 65, Almonte ON
Campbell-Losier, Tanya, 19, Brooks AB
Cellucci, Gianluca, 22, Vaughan ON
Doe, Jane, London, ON
Doe, Jane, 51, Chilliwack BC
Doe, John, Brampton, ON
Doe, John, Brantford, ON
Doe, John, Toronto, ON
Doe, John, Toronto, ON
Doe, John, 29, Toronto ON
Doe, John, 34, Keswick Ridge NB
Dorion, Cecil, 21, Pelican Narrows SK
Ducharme, Mavis, 39, Winnipeg MB
Farah, Sharmarke, 17, Mississauga ON
Guimond, Nicole, 28, Odessa ON
Harden, Joshua Michael, 26, Regina SK
Harris, Neil, 40, Hamilton ON
Hassan, Mohamed Ali, 19, Ottawa ON
Kaylie, Saed, 17, Toronto ON
Kipling, Henry, 43, Winnipeg MB
Leroux, Thierry, 26, Lac Simon QC
Levesque, Stéphane, 34, Campbellton NB
Little Light, Frances Candice, 56, Lethbridge BC
McComb, Kiowa Wind, 20, Toronto ON
Morrow-Flint, Taylor, 20, Ottawa ON
Munroe, Marilyn Rose, 41, Winnipeg;MB
Nemeth, Cooper, 17, Winnipeg MB
Patterson, William John, Edmonton, AB
Sayyeau, Travis, 24, Odessa ON
Sinner, Darren Douglas, 41, Edmonton AB
Styres, Jonathon Dwight, 29, Hamilton ON
Veltheer, Robert, 77, Richmondhill ON

Bryan Agyei, found dead in his car

Police were called to Scarlettwoods Court in Etobicoke at around 11:30 pm on February 28th on reports of  shooting.

Police found Bryan Agyei 22, in his BMW. Agyei was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have said that this was not a random attack and they are trying to track down two suspects.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477)

Husani Robinson shot in Toronto dies

29 year old Husani Robinson was shot in the head on February 29th  in the area of Keele and Dundas. Robinson was found by emergency crews, he was suffering from a single gunshot to the head.nHe was transported to hospital where he died a short time later.

Anyone with any information should contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS

Henry Kipling dies after being assaulted twice in one day

Emergency crews found Henry Kipling, 43, injured on Winnipeg’s Main Street in the early morning of February 27th outside the Northern Hotel. He was transported to hospital where he died a short time after. Homicide investigators said that Kipling had died of a brain bleed after an unsuccessful surgery.

Police are looking for two suspects, a man and a woman.


The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about the identity of the suspect(s) is asked to call investigators at 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).


Jenna Traverse, 23, was arrested March 3 and charged with aggravated assault.

Travis Chief, 23, was arrested on March 5th for his alleged involvement. No word on any charges being laid as of yet.

Shafaq Joya charged with second degree murder

Toronto police responded to reports of a stabbing on Pharmacy Avenue at around 1:15pm February 27th. Police found a man at the scene who had suffered obvious trauma, however they did not say if it was a stabbing. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The cause of death is still pending the autopsy results.

Shafaq Joya 30, was arrested February 28th and charged with second degree murder. Joy is expected in court February 29th. The victims name is not being released at this time.

Man found dead in Keswick Ridge being treated as a homicide

Police were called to a Keswick Ridge home on February 26th on the welfare of an un-named male. On arrival police found a 34 year old man dead.

The suspicious death is being treated as a homicide. Police arrested a 30 year old male from Fredericton in connection to the death, however he has since been released from police custody.

The victim’s name and cause of death have not been released at this time.

David Delaney found dead in his apartment by landlord

Police were called to the scene when a fourth-storey tenant complained to the building landlord about a horrid smell on February 23. The landlord knocked on the door but when she didn’t get a response she went in to find David Delaney 63, dead on his bed with no signs of trauma. She immediately called 911.

Abbotsford police are not releasing the cause of death at this time.


Shayne Daniel Duncan McGenn, 33, has been charged with the second degree murder of David Delaney.

Marilyn Rose Munroe found dead in her home

Emergency crews and police were called to the home on Pritchard st on February 22, on a call to check on the occupants well-being.

On arrival police found 41 year old Marilyn Rose Munroe dead. Police have not disclosed the cause of death at this time.

An autopsy is scheduled for later this week.

More to come…

Taylor Morrow-Flint Ottawa’s 4th homicide of 2016

20 year old Taylor Morrow-Flint was shot dead while in a home with friends on Ritchie Street in the city’s west end on February 24th.

There are no suspects at this time and no one else was injured in the shooting. Police believe that the shooting was targeted.

Taylor Morrow-Flint’d murder is the 4th for Ottawa this year as well as the second homicide this week, the other homicide being Mohamed Ali Hassan.