August 2015 Canadian homicide Statistics

Canada August Murder Count: 40
Males: 29
Females: 11
Age of Youngest Victim: 18
Age of Oldest Victim: 68

Murders By Province or Territory
ON 14
AB 8
QC 5
BC 4
SK 2
NS 2
NB 2
MB 2
YT 1
PE 0
NU 0
NT 0
NL 0

Murders by Type
Beating 2
Shooting 12
Stabbing 8
Other 2
Unknown 16

Murders By City
Toronto 7
Calgary 4
Montreal 3
Edmonton 3
Mississauga 2
Winnipeg 1
Whitehorse 1
Welland 1
Waterville 1
Waterdown 1
Vernon 1
Vaughn 1
Val-d’Amour 1
Terrebonne 1
Swan River 1
Richelieu 1
Regina 1
Prince George 1
McLean 1
Hamilton 1
Halifax 1
Enfield 1
Calmar 1
Burnaby 1
Brampton 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Abdulkhadir, Kabil, 27.0, Toronto ON
Abraham, Darryl Arthur, 36.0, Winnipeg MB
Acosta, Fernando Anibal, Vaughn, ON
Alexander, Galina, 44.0, Brampton ON
Bau-Tremblay, Cheryl, Richelieu, QC
Begg, Ian, Prince George, BC
Bradaric, Igor, 43.0, Burnaby BC
Brisson, Christopher, 25.0, Whitehorse YT
Constable, Lori, 55.0, Waterdown ON
Croft, Wayne, 49.0, Mississauga ON
Deagle, Patrick Ernest, 47.0, Enfield NS
Distefano, Rene, 64.0, Swan River MB
Doe, Jane, Toronto, ON
Doe, John, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, Montreal, QC
Doe, John, 21.0, Montreal QC
Doucet, Richard, 49.0, Welland ON
Douse, Shariek, 18.0, Hamilton ON
Ewenin, Jonathon, 34.0, Regina SK
Foster, Jamie, 27.0, Toronto ON
Foster, Richard, 68.0, Waterville NB
Hardy, Jason, 42.0, Vernon BC
Harris, Mackenzie Leah, 22.0, Calmar AB
Hibbert, Duvel, Toronto, ON
Hussein, Mustafe Mohamud, Calgary, AB
Kasjaniuk, Lan Cam, 51.0, Edmonton AB
Leblanc, Denis, 48.0, Val-d’Amour NB
Maassen, William Marcel, 36.0, Mississauga ON
Nadeau, Alain, Terrebonne, QC
Navarro-Fenoy, Ariela, Toronto, ON
Osawe, Aiwernogheno, 34.0, Toronto ON
Quach, David, 27.0, Calgary AB
Reid, Shaka, 36.0, Toronto ON
Richard, Shawn, Edmonton, AB
Samson, Taylor, 22.0, Halifax NS
Serpentini-Harty, Chelsea, 24.0, Calgary AB
Skow, Nadine, 38.0, Edmonton AB
Strang, Lisa, McLean, SK
Tu, Hui Xu Phillip, Calgary, AB
Hennessey;David, Vancouver, BC

Nadine Skow murdered by ex boyfriend Silva Koshwal

Nadine Skow 38,  was found stabbed to death in her Edmonton apartment on August 25th by coworkers after she failed to show up for work for several days.

Staff Sergeant Bill Clark says the scene was the most horrific he’s seen in his career as a police officer.

Police have charged Skow’s ex-boyfriend, Silva Koshwal with second degree murder and indignity to a human body.

2 suspects in custody in connection with Alain Nadeau’s death

Alain Nadeau was found dead in his home on August 24th in Terrebonne after a family member called police concerned about his whereabouts.

Investigators said there were visible signs of violence on the body.

The names of the suspects 21-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman have not been released.

Said Raed Abdulbaki facing charges in David Quach murder

Police have arrested Said Raed Abdulbaki, 20, in connection with the shooting death of David Quach, 27 on August 22nd.

Quach was found fatally injured in the northeast Calgary community of Monterey Park at around 9 p.m. on Saturday night.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 403-266-1234, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.

Fuad Yasir Ali charged with the death of Mustafe Mohamud Hussein

Calgary police have laid charges against Fuad Yasir Ali in the death of Mustafe Mohamud Hussein. The incident leading to Hussein’s death happened on July 3rd.  After being in a coma for more than a month, Hussein 44., was taken off of life support and died August 17th.

Police are not releasing the cause of death at this time.

Taylor Samson murder investigation continues

William Michael Sandeson has been charged with first-degree murder in Taylor Samson’s death.

Samson was lat seen on August 15 and hasn’t been heard from since. Police are continuing search efforts in hopes of finding Samson’s body. They also believe the alleged murder was not a random act as the accused and victim were known to each other.

Michael Hurlburt charged in the death of Richard Doucet.

Richard Doucet 49, died after an incident at Golden Brothers Bar in Welland on  August 16.  Doucet was critically injured and was transported to Hamilton General hospital, where he passed on.

Police arrested 40-year-old Michael Hurlburt of Welland in connection with the assault they said resulted in Doucet’s death. Hurlburt will be charged with manslaughter.

Steve Lévesque, accused of killing Denis Leblanc

Steve Lévesque has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the shooting death of Denis Leblanc on August 12, in Val-d’Amour. Lévesque has been  ordered to undergo a 30-day psychiatric assessment.

Lévesque remains in custody until thinned of his assessment. He is scheduled to return to court on Sept. 15.