June 2015 Canadian Homicide Statistics

Canada June Murder Count: 39
Males: 29
Females: 10
Age of Youngest Victim: 12
Age of Oldest Victim: 79

Murders By Province or Territory
ON 15
AB 7
MB 5
BC 4
SK 2
NS 2
QC 3
NB 1
YT 0
PE 0
NU 0
NT 0
NL 0

Murders by Type
Beating 5
Shooting 13
Stabbing 12
Other 1
Unknown 8

Murders By City
Toronto 6
Edmonton 3
Winnipeg 3
Vaughn 2
Fox Creek 2
Cross Lake 2
Calgary 2
Windsor 1
Thunder Bay 1
Richmond 1
Punnichy 1
Prince Albert 1
Niagara Falls 1
New Westminster 1
Montreal 1
Mississauga 1
London 1
Leech 1
Langly 1
Kelowna 1
Guelph 1
Dartmouth 1
Terrebonne 2
Kingston 1

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:
Abdullahi, Abdiweli, Toronto, ON
Berg, Andrea Marie, Edmonton, AB
Bourne, Brett, 17.0, Winnipeg MB
Caputo, Giuseppe, 70.0, Niagara Falls ON
Charlie-Stillaway, Larissa, 22.0, Thunder Bay ON
Cook, Jeremy Ryan, 18.0, London ON
Cyr, Clayton Charles, 43.0, Punnichy SK
De Simone, Christopher, 24.0, Vaughn ON
Delve, Ryan Edward, 43.0, Calgary AB
Derksen, David, 37.0, Fox Creek AB
Dhandwar, Charan Kaur, 79.0, New Westminster BC
Dirie, Mohamed Abdiwal, Toronto, ON
Doe, John, 20.0, Langly BC
Doe, John, 26.0, Cross Lake MB
Doe, John, 26.0, Montreal QC
Doe, John, 30.0, Cross Lake MB
Doe, John, 48.0, Leech NB
Dubois, Hally, 50.0, Fox Creek AB
Iron-Howard, Claudia Mary, 29.0, Edmonton AB
Kelly, Brandon, 24.0, RESERVE MINES NS
Knoll, Bradley Wayne, 59.0, Dartmouth NS
Malik, Amir Hayat, 32.0, Windsor ON
Napope, Troy Cecil, Prince Albert, SK
Parsi, Sina, 32.0, Toronto ON
Patel, Arif, 23.0, Toronto ON
Plain, Daniel, 12.0, Toronto ON
Rashidi, Maryam, 35.0, Calgary AB
Schweitzer, Chris, Guelph, ON
Scott, Linda, 67.0, Toronto ON
Shek-Yin Cheng, Edwin, Richmond, BC
Stinson, Jason, Winnipeg, MB
Voci, Maria, 47.0, Vaughn ON
Wallace, William, 74.0, Mississauga ON
Welters, Warren, 51.0, Kelowna BC
Woodall, Daniel, 35.0, Edmonton AB
Kakewash, Elmer, 29, Winnipeg MB
Babcock, Katelan, 27, Kingston, ON
Doe, John, 37, Terrebonne, QC
Doe, Jane, 36, Terrebonne, QC

Abdiweli Abdullahi and Mohamed Abdiwal Dirie, both shot dead

Toronto police are searching for four suspects.after Abdiweli Abdullahi and Mohamed Abdiwal Dirie were killed early morning June 28th following a shooting in the Queen West area. Police say the suspects are all described as dark-skinned men in their mid-twenties

“We have some information that there were several parties going on in the building last night, but we do not know what connection the shooting might have to those parties,” said Police Det. Tam Bui .

He added investigators have “identified a number of witnesses.”



Kamal Hassan, 23, of Toronto turned himself in to police on Friday July 3 around 8 p.m. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.


Kaitlan Babcock shot and died in her home

Kaitlan Babcock 27 died in her Kingston home of a gunshot wound on June 18th. At first Police thought the death was a result of a stabbing, but autopsy has confirmed Babcock dies of a bullet wound.

The suspect Craig VanAlstyne former boyfriend of Babcock died of a self inflicted gunshot wound on June 24th.

Brandon Kelly shot dead outside his home.

24 year-old Brandon Kelly was shot to death outside his Reserve Mines home June 25th.

A neighbour said a man pulled into the driveway and honked the horn.Brandon Kelly came outside and was shot numerous times in the chest.

Cape Breton Regional Police have charged Brandon James Berthiaume with first degree murder and his mother Jennifer Lynn Chisholm, has been charged with accessory after the fact to murder in the death of 24 year-old Brandon Kelly.


Maria Voci and Christopher de Simone shot dead in Vaughan café

A shooting at a café in Vaughan on June 24th has left Maria Voci and Christopher de Simone dead, and two other men in hospital.

The incident at Moka, an espresso and gelato bar, is one in a string of violent crimes in the neighbourhood recently.

This remains under investigation.

Police described the suspect as a dark-skinned man and between 5-foot-10 to 5-foot-11. He was wearing a light-grey hoodie, black Adidas track pants and a face mask. Police said he was driving a stolen 2011 black Nissan Versa with the licence plate BVLW 273.

Fatal Stabbing on Plateau-Mont-Royal kills 26-year-old Jimmy Sanches

A 26-year-old Jimmy Sanches died shortly after he was taken to hospital after a stabbing on the Plateau early Wednesday June 24th.

The victim’s name has not been released.


Two men have been charged in connection with the incident. Wassim Filali and Sebastien Nicu Baltatu Casu, both 20, were charged on June 25th. Filali is facing charges of second degree murder and assault causing bodily harm, while Casu is facing at least one charge of assault causing bodily harm.


74-year-old William Wallace found dead in Mississauga

74-year-old man found dead with a knife in his chest at a Mississauga trailer park on June 24 has been identified as William Wallace.

The victim was found with a knife in his chest and without vital signs inside his mobile home, according to police.

This remains under investigation. Police have not named any suspects.



Sabrina Chouart, Clyde Marshall charged in Sina Parsi homicide

Sabrina Chouart and Clyde Marshall have been charged with first degree murder following their arrest yesterday June 22,  in Niagara Falls.

Chouart, 27, of Gatineau, Que., and Marshall, 36, were the subject of a nationwide manhunt following the death of Sina Parsi . Parsi’s remains were found in a Toronto apartment following his disappearance on June 9.