March Statistics

Canada March Murder Count: 29
Males: 19
Females: 10
Age of Youngest Victim: 14
Age of Oldest Victim: 81

Murders By Province or Territory
ON 9
BC 7
AB 8
SK 2
QC 1
MB 1
YT 0
PE 0
NU 0
NT 0
NS 0
NL 0
NB 1

Murders by Type
Beating 3
Shooting 7
Stabbing 2
Other 4
Unknown 13

Victims and links to more information on each homicide:

Beckles, Donald, 46.0, Toronto ON

Carpen, Sheri, 31.0, Calgary AB

Chipaway, Tyla Rain, 16.0, Calgary AB

Doe, John, 24.0, Vancouver BC

Doe, John, 30.0, Montreal QC

Doe, John, 37.0, Vancouver BC

Gargol, Brittney Jane, 18.0, Saskatoon SK

Genereaux, Rocky, 42.0, Saskatoon SK

Girma, Salamawit, 25.0, Surrey BC

Hall, Jason Alexander, 45.0, Prince George BC

Hayden, Hyde, 14.0, Roseau River First Nation MB

Heffernan, Anthony, 27.0, Calgary AB

Horne, Kathryn, 58.0, Brampton ON

Liem, Khee Hien, 72.0, Toronto ON

Marfo, Malcolm, 22.0, Toronto ON

McCullagh, Mark, 36.0, London ON

Mohamud, Mohameddek Ali, Calgary, AB

Neganiwina, Renee, 26.0, Hamilton ON

Newman, Jessica Rae, 24.0, Calgary AB

Paul, Rose, 36.0, Vancouver BC

Seraphine, Trevor, Toronto, ON

Singh, Gurvinder, 22.0, Mississauga ON

Walker, Brando, 18.0, Calgary AB

Walton, Mary, Vancouver, BC

Willits, James, London, ON

Mohamed Ahmed, Adam, 33, Edmonton, AB

Casey Darrell Crier, 29, Edmonton, AB

Phyllis Roy, 52, Peel, NS

Vladimir, Shevalev, 81, Vancouver, BC


Richard Pereira charged in the murder of Kathryn Horne

Kathryn Horne, 58, was found dead inside a house in Brampton, when police officers responded to a disturbance call On March 29th. Horne’s body showed obvious trauma.

Richard Pereira, 36, was charged at the scene with second-degree murder.  The relationship between the victim and the suspect is still unclear.


Stabbing victim identifed as 25-year-old Salamawit Girma.

B.C.’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team [IHIT] has identified the victim of a suspicious death in Surrey March 28th as 25-year-old Salamawit Girma.

Investigators are still looking into events leading up to the woman’s death.

Investigators are asking anyone with information to contact the IHIT tiplineat 1-877-551-IHIT [4448].

Human remains identified as Kate Lynn Reid.

51 year old Kate Lynn Reid was last seen January 1, 2015 at her apartment in Kitchener Ontario.  Last seen on January 1st 2015 near her apartment, Reid was reported missing by a relative on January 27, 2015.

March 8th, 2015 Waterloo Regional Police have charged Hugh Rayburn McColl, a 61-year-old Kitchener man who was also the victim’s ex-roommate, with second-degree murder in connection to the disappearance and presumed death of Reid.

Human remains were found Friday March 27th, 2015 behind a dumpster at the apartment where Kate Lynn Reid lived. According to police, the autopsy also provided further evidence that Reid was killed, though what caused them to believe that has not been released.


Mohameddek Ali Mohamud victim of homicide.

The body of 25-year-old Mohameddek Ali Mohamud was found on the ski jump service road in the 8800 block of Olympic Way S.W Calgary by a passerby March 25th.

Police are not releasing the cause of death.

Police say anyone who may have seen Mohamud or seen something suspicious should call 403-266-1234 or contact Crime Stoppers.

Brittney Gargol homicide remains unsolved.

A passerby found 18-year-old  Brittney Gargol brutally injured in a ditch just past a Saskatoon’s landfill on March 25th. Gargol later died in the hospital.

Police are not saying how she died. Her death is classified as a homicide and is under investigation.


Casey Darrell Crier death deemed suspicious

Edmonton Police responded to call regarding a deceased male on March 22. On arrival they found Casey Darrell Crier 29, dead inside an apartment.

An autopsy confirmed the death of Crier was homicide, but the cause of death has not been released.

Police are still investigating and are asking anyone with info to contact them at 780-423-4567.

Jason Hall, Former Gangster, Shot And Killed In Prince George, B.C.

A 45-year-oldJason Alexander (Jay) Hall who once led the Renegades biker gang was gunned down March 22nd in Prince George. Hall was found lying on the corner of 5th Avenue and Gillett Street about 10:30 a.m.

He was rushed to the University Hospital of Northern B.C. but died later in the day from at least one gunshot wound.

Investigators are trying to locate a 2005 white Chevy Malibu believed to be involved in the murder. It’s a four-door with B.C. Licence Plate AK5 32P.

Hall had a lengthy criminal record both before and after the Renegades – a puppet club of the Hells Angels – folded about two years ago.